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The Co-op is pleased to announce that we will have an abundance of Diestel Family Ranch turkeys available for purchase for the holidays. CNFC selected Diestel as our turkey provider because they share our passion for organic agriculture and high standards of animal welfare. 
We will be carrying three varieties of Diestel turkeys this year:

Organic Heidi's Hens
Treat yourself and your family to a humanely raised, organic turkey this year. The Heidi’s Hens line of turkeys from Diestel is USDA certified organic as well as Non-GMO project verified.  They are the popular Broad Breasted White turkeys, which guarantee ample amounts of white meat. Heidi’s Hens from the Co-op are the most affordable organic turkeys in Chico! 
Organic American Heirloom
Heirloom turkeys are prized by chefs around the world for their superior flavor. Diestel raises a mix of Auburn, Black, and American Bronze Turkey breeds. These breeds predate the Broad Breasted White which currently dominates the market. They grow slower, allowing them time to pack on the fat that enriches their flavor. Diestel’s Heirloom turkeys are also USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO project verified! Learn more about Diestel’s Heirloom Turkeys here:
The Co-op is particularly pleased to present you with Diestel’s Pasture-Raised turkeys. Diestel’s  farm was the first turkey farm in the country to be ranked Step 5+ by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP)! These turkeys spend their entire lives foraging freely in lush fields within eyesight of Yosemite National Park. Learn more about the Pasture-Raised Project here:
Roasting instructions from Diestel Family Turkey Ranch:

CALL (530) 891-1713 or come in the store.
A $15 deposit is due at the time of ordering.  Cancellations must be received by Wednesday, Nov. 22nd. Deposits are non-refundable after this date.
Turkeys will be delivered to the Co-op on November 21st and can be picked up any time after this date. All turkeys must be picked up by Wednesday, November 26th by 10pm.
The Co-op will be closed Thanksgiving Day.
And while you are ordering your Co-op Turkey, order some sides from the Co-op Kitchen! Made to the same standards as all of our deli items, using only the best ingredients we can find.
by Phil Weintraub
Here we are in November and another year is nearly behind us. There is a lot going on this month. On the 4th we’ll be able to have our voice heard as citizens by taking advantage of our right to vote on local and state issues. Beginning on the 3rd, we can use our right to vote as Co-op Owners and vote for our Board of Directors. There are three candidates running this year and we have four seats to fill. The Board is always looking for owners who have an interest in becoming a Board Member. This is an exciting time for your co-op with the relocation procedure getting underway, so if you have ever thought about a Board seat, now would be a great time. You can contact a Board member through e-mail, on the Co-op web site, or by coming to a monthly meeting held on the last Wednesday of the month, except July and December. November’s meeting will be held on the 19th this month due to Thanksgiving 
Below is a brief statement from each of the candidates running in this year’s election.
Natalie Carter
"I have lived in Chico for over 20 years, I grew up here, I met my Husband here, and this past January I had my first child here. I am passionate about my community, and even more so about quality local food. I am fortunate to participate in the local food system as the Business Manager for the Chico Certified Farmers Market, and by growing local food with my mother on our 3/4 acre farm. I am hoping to contribute more of my time, skills and abilities to ensuring that my community has access to quality local foods now and into the future."
Scott Richman
"CNF Co-op is the store that provides more than 95% of the food I purchase. The financial strength of this co-op is crucial for the continuing long-term service to the community of organic food consumers in this part of Northern California. Because the BOD is charged with monitoring financial and other key indicators of success and stability, it is of special interest to me to serve on the Board of Directors."
Alec Binyon
"I’d like to serve CNFC to help create and maintain a community that   I want to raise my family in. The corporate, industrial food system is toxic to our bodies and an environmental disaster. The best thing we can do is capture as much market share as possible until supermarkets begin to close. I’d like to see that in my lifetime and I think it’s possible."
And it's going on sale!  
From November 3rd - 9th, we will be offering sales on select cheese items, as well as samples all week long. Come in to the store, check out our selection, and try some cheeses!

Bucha brand kombucha!

You made it popular. We made it happen!
While sampling a diverse array of exotic Kombucha flavors with our Co-op Kombucha Bike Cart we found that certain flavors resonated with the tasting public more than others. Bucha Kombucha stood out: delicious, refreshing, and made from natural and organic ingredients. We now carry it bottled in our store.

Handmade Hats from Andes Gifts!
They're back! We're bringing back the adorable handmade, Fair-Trade hats and gloves from Andes Gifts. There are lots of styles to choose from for both adults and children!

Califa Farms Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew Coffee

Delicious Califa Farms Almond Milk, now in a delightful blend with cold brew coffee and pumpkin pie spices! Tried and loved by staff.

Cashew Milk Ice Cream!

You haven't lived until you've tried this ice cream.

Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, & blissful. 

Gluten-Free Baguettes!
Brought in by popular demand. Try them and tell us what you think! 
California Olive Ranch Olive Oils
European Gourmet Bakery  Pudding & Cake Mixes
Pamela's Products Baking & Pancake Mix
Choice Organic Teas All Varieties
Edward & Sons Breadcrumbs
Garden of Eatin' Pumpkin Tortilla Chips
Ines Rosales Tortas
Napa Valley Oils & Vinegars
Native Canned Mushrooms
Sunspire Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Bar
Nancy's Sour Cream & Cream Cheese

Spinach Loose, Organic
Carrots 5# Bags, Organic

Chai Persimmon Bread
Ginger Crackle Cookie


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics
Source Naturals Wellness Formula
Jason Toothpastes & Mouthwashes

Better Life Household Cleaners

Your 2014 Owner Discount Card will expire at the end of December! Fear not, as you will get a new card with three new 10% Off discounts starting January 1st.  
Your old card's discounts will not rollover, so be sure to use it on your next big purchase, so you don't miss out on this awesome owner benefit!
Are you an owner and have never recieved your stamp card?  Just mention it to a cashier next time you are in the store making a purchase, and we'll get you one!  Only the primary person on the Co-op owner account is able to recieve a discount card. 
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