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We have all been living with COVID-19 for a little over a year now. Through three major waves of cases and deaths, New Orleans has made steady progress improving outcomes for our most vulnerable residents — outbreaks in nursing homes have been largely contained, and Black-White disparities in deaths have been cut in half. The vaccine provides a unique opportunity to further support our most vulnerable residents and (potentially) our economy.
New Orleans has led the state in vaccinated residents thanks, in part, due to significant community outreach efforts. Still, like most other places, distribution has fallen short of both equality and equity.
Today, The Data Center releases the second of a three-part series that explores COVID-19 over the past year, One Year with COVID: New Orleans' COVID Successes and Opportunities for Increasing Health Equity. This paper examines COVID deaths in New Orleans and reveals why vaccine distribution has failed to achieve equity and what we can do about it.
Find One Year with COVID:  New Orleans' COVID Successes and Opportunities for Increasing Health Equity on our webpage at:

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Don Asay, Robby Habans, Lamar Gardere, Cody Brumfield, Rachel Weinstein, Ellen Kujawa, Katrina Andry, Erica Amrine, Allison Plyer, Thomas Wilson, Dabne Whitemore, and Jenna Losh
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