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Alumni Newsletter

Volume 31 - 2020-2021

Note from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Miami University, an original public ivy. Miami University has continually been at the forefront of providing a broad liberal education. We have a long tradition of undergraduate teaching excellence to be the most student focused mechanical engineering program. Our college is ranked #8 in engineering programs by public institutions, where highest degree is master’s (not counting the military academies), by US NEWS. In MME, our faculty members are dedicated to educating over 550 undergraduate and 22 graduate students, and to maintaining and developing world-class and socially engaged research programs.
Our graduates are known for their work ethic, creativity in problem solving, leadership and empathy. Our alumni are engaged and supportive. We aspire to deliver advanced educational experience, with a socially relevant, broad liberal foundation, for the ever-changing needs of the profession, including industry, government, and graduate school.
A key ingredient has been our focus on hands-on, active learning experience in a rich laboratory (experiential learning) environment. Our faculty engage in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research where our students participate in solving real world engineering challenges.
The current pandemic has challenged us to re-think and evolve our student centered, hands-on educational experience. MME faculty and staff devoted significant energy in re-designing educational experiences to utilize new tools and technologies to keep students learning and engaged. Additionally, our faculty received many research grants from various sponsors including AFRL, DARPA, NSF, Toyota and Dassault Foundation. Many of these projects involve undergraduate students to develop and create new solutions for solving grand challenges in engineering.
Higher education landscape is ever changing and our students continue to evolve in how they learn. The pandemic has accelerated our efforts to be most student centered program. The current climate and crisis has enabled us to refocus our energy on diversity, equity and inclusion in engineering. We need your help as MME alums and friends to create a diverse and inclusive climate for graduating future engineers.
I thank you for your support of MME. Please contact our department at (513) 529-0711 or if you would like additional information about our programs.
Love and Honor,
Amit Shukla
Professor and Chair

Dr. Osama Ettouney
July 11, 1951 - December 1, 2019

In Remembrance: 
Dr. Osama Ettouney

Osama Ettouney, professor emeritus in Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering, passed away on December 1, 2019 at the age of 68. Dr. Ettouney began his teaching career at Miami in 1986 and continued until his retirement in 2014. He served as the MME department chair from 1995 to 2010. Dr. Ettouney believed that engineers should think beyond their own disciplines and be good writers, he often spoke on ways to encourage these skills and an interdisciplinary attitude. 

After retiring, Dr. Ettouney turned full time to writing books with ideas that he had been saving. He published Portraits from Cairo of the 1970s (2012) and the edition of short memories and poems by his companion, Thomas T. Peyton. In 2014, he completed a 19th-century history of the development of Egypt’s railroad system. He wrote his first mystery novel about the burning of Cairo’s Opera House, in The Curse of Aida (2016). He published Creative Chaos (2018), a fictionalized explanatory novel about the “Arab Spring.” From Cairo to Cambridge with Love, an academic mystery, is forthcoming in 2020.

In 2020, the Miami University Board of Trustees approved the renaming of the MME conference room located in Garland Hall in honor of Dr. Ettouney. In addition to a plaque designating the room as the "Dr. Osama Ettouney Conference Room" the department plans to include a sign with a phrase students heard quite often from Dr. Ettouney, "Have fun and learn something new."   
Karl Reiff, MME Lab Coordinator
Water Jet cutting Door Openers

MME Responds to COVID-19 with Face Shields and Door Openers

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect campus, two MME team members quickly began planning and producing items that could help with PPE needs and a safe return to campus. Karl Reiff, Lab Coordinator, and Brad Martin, Lab Technician, began manufacturing face shields in early April, 2020. Originally, they started with 3D printing the band that holds the face shield but that process took over two hours to complete one face shield. With the amount they anticipated needing to distribute across campus, they had to find a better way.
Karl designed and manufactured an injection mold that allowed the use of the department's injection molding machine, which reduced the cycle time and made a higher quality part than the 3D printed part. "[The best part was] when I got the first good part out of the injection machine. It was good to get back in the lab and get to make a difference,"  he stated. With the changes they made, it only takes about 25 seconds to complete one face shield. Initially, they stated they had a goal of producing at least 500 face shields. However, to date, over 3300 face shields have been distributed across Miami campuses. 
While Brad was working on the order and distribution process, he was also working on a door opening device which would limit unnecessary contact when going in and out of campus buildings. This idea stemmed from conversations MME Department Chair Amit Shukla had with UC Health. Brad prototyped his own design and used Miami's labs to create the door openers. The process starts with using a water jet to cut the copper into the appropriate shape. Once that is complete, the cutouts are transferred to the milling machine to make the final cuts and smooth the edges. 
The efforts of MME were supported by Jim Oris, Vice President for research and innovation. Oris stated "I am so proud to be a part of this team of talented engineers who came forward with ways to manufacture a large number of face shields that can be used by first responders, health care workers, front line staff members or the general public." The department's efforts will continue fall semester of 2020 with a Senior Design Project dedicated to COVID-19 advised by Dr. Edgar Caraballo and Dr. Giancarlo Corti. 
Sarah Bass
2nd year Mechanical Master's Student

Three-Minute Thesis Finalist

Mechanical Engineering Master's Student, Sarah Bass, presented her research at the Spring 2020 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition which was held virtually on April 28, 2020. Not only was Sarah the first MME student to be a finalist in this competition, she went on to finish with an impressive 2nd Place!
Her topic "Biosignal Controlled Robotics" looks at the electrical signals, called biosignals, our bodies produce. Our gestures and thoughts have their own unique frequency patterns, by monitoring muscle and brain activity, we can program devices such as prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, or rehabilitation exoskeletons to respond to those patterns. While the typical uses of muscle and brain activity reside in a medical setting, biosignals can be incorporated in areas such as industry, explorations, and film. In fact, the application of biosignals is virtually endless. 
Because Sarah was a first year Master's student at the time of the competition, she had only begun her literature review at the time of the 3MT competition. She initially felt that this may be a hardship for her in planning, but quickly found that she was wrong as she progressed through the competition. Only having three minutes to tell someone about the necessary background information, the research methods/findings, and convince them them of the impact of the research is a difficult task. In order to pull this all together for her speech, Sarah spent many hours writing and rewriting the speech followed by "practice, practice and then some more practice" the week before the presentations. Congratulations to Sarah Bass and her accomplishment during her first year in the Mechanical Engineering Master's program.
Dr. Mehdi Zanjani
Assistant Professor

Two Research Grants Awarded to
Dr. Mehdi Zanjani

Dr. Zanjani has recently been awarded two grants for his research projects. One project titled Computational Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of Dynamically Cross-linked Polymer Composites, received a grant from the American Chemical Society (ACS) Petroleum Research Fund. This project focuses on polymer-based materials with modified properties. These materials are studied by investigating the effcot of polymer network acrhitecture on material properties using computational models. Through this research, Dr. Zanjani is attempting to engineer materials that are soft in nature, but at the same time demonstrate good mechanical strength and thermal behavior for application areas such as aerospace and robotics. 
The second project is in collaboration with Dr. John Rakovan, professor and director of graduate studies in the Department of Geology and Environmental Earth Science. The grant from the National Space Foundation (NSF) is to support the research on the project titled A New Mechanism for Metal Isotope Fractionation Induced by Natural Solid-State Ion Conduction. Dr. Zanjani and Dr. Rakovan combine experimental and computational methods to look into metal isotope fractionation through solid-state ion conduction which is an important phenomenon observed in silver wire growth with many interesting applications in materials science. 
Dr. Mark Sidebottom
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mark Sidebottom Receives DuPont Award

Dr Sidebottom received an award from DuPont Specialty Products USA titled "Jet Engine Materials Evaluation Instrument." This project focuses on design and development of an instrument to evaluate next generation of materials for high-performance applications such as aerospace. He is excited to work with an industry leader in engineering solutions for aerospace applications. “The project is a great example how the application of the fields of tribology, machine design, heat transfer, and control system are needed to evaluate new materials.” Dr. Sidebottom stated. The project will involve Miami undergraduate and masters mechanical and manufacturing students who will help design, build, and validate the instrument with the help of Miami University technical staff. 
Dr. James Chagdes
Assistant Professor

Dr. James Chagdes Receives Toyota Award

Dr. Chagdes received an award from Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing of North America, Inc. for a project title Investigation of Postural Response Time to Avoid a Fall. This project investigates the response time of an individual who might be in an autonomous shuttle. He wants to understand how long it would take that individual to prepare for a possible braking event if given an alert. "It's an early stage. We're really focusing on just trying to understand what the response time might be," Dr. Chagdes stated. "This is probably phase one of multiple phases of a larger project." Working with Dr. Chagdes on this is Sarah Bass, Mechanical Engineering Graduate student. Sarah is currently developing a platform that mimics the breaking and acceleration of a bus to use for experimentation and testing. 
Dr. Xinyi Xiao
Assistant Professor

New MME Faculty 2020-2021

Dr. Xinyi Xiao joined the MME faculty in August 2020 as an assistant professor. Dr. Xiao earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Additive Manufacturing from The Pennsylvania State University in August 2020. She earned her master degree in 2017 from Penn State as well. During her Ph.D. time, she was involved in multiple NSF funded, US Army funded projects. Her research areas are: Multi-axis Hybrid/Additive Manufacturing Automation (robotic printing, concrete printing…), Additive Manufacturing System monitoring, predictive modeling and control, and soft robotics with additive manufacturing.  Dr. Xiao joined the MME faculty in August 2020 as an assistant professor. Dr. Xiao earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Additive Manufacturing from The Pennsylvania State University in August 2020. She earned her master degree in 2017 from Penn State as well. During her Ph.D. time, she involved in multiple NSF funded, US Army funded projects. Her research areas are: Multi-axis Hybrid/Additive Manufacturing Automation (robotic printing, concrete printing…), Additive Manufacturing System monitoring, predictive modeling and control, and soft robotics with additive manufacturing. 

Megan Hymore

MME Alumni Spotlight
Megan Hymore

Megan Hymore graduated from Miami in 2004 with a B.A.S. in Engineering Management with a focus in manufacturing.  Now, she is an intellectual property law partner at Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL (KMK Law), a nationally recognized law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her experience makes her uniquely able to partner with clients to create holistic intellectual property and advertising legal strategies to accelerate growth.  She advises clients how to seamlessly weave legal compliance opportunities into their day-to-day business operations in order to mitigate legal risks.  
Prior to starting at KMK Law in August 2019, Hymore served as in-house counsel for The Procter & Gamble Company for twelve years where her positions included Global Privacy, Cybersecurity & IT Law Senior Counsel; North America Fabric and Home Care Senior Brand Counsel; Feminine Care Innovation Counsel; and Cosmetics and Skin Care Innovation Counsel.  Before that, she attended law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law’s top 10 intellectual property law program.  
Hymore has fond memories of her time learning in Kreger Hall, studying in King Library’s basement, and taking virtual courses from Château de Differdange to stay on track with the engineering curriculum.  She loved being a member of the student advisory council; she’s now a proud member of CEC’s External Advisory Council.  While all of the faculty were fantastic, Dr. Osama Ettouney had an enormous impact on Hymore; she’ll continue his mantra with her own children: “have fun and learn something new.”  

Q & A with MME Student Athletes

Tori Shriver
Junior Mechanical Engineering Major
Track and Field - 100/400 Hurdles
How do you balance the rigorous curriculum with your extracurricular activities? 
Since track has both an indoor and an outdoor season, we are in 20-hour practice weeks from October until finals week in May and spend almost every weekend of the spring semester traveling to meets. It gets really challenging, but I find success by scheduling my day down to the minute as well as breaking up studying or assignments into small portions that I can fit into openings. For example, sometimes we have 30 minutes between our practice and our lift time, so I can usually fit a homework problem or two into that time. It sounds cliché, but it is really all about how you manage your time.
What resources have been the most helpful to you as a student athlete?
The advising in the MME department has been wonderful. Everyone I’ve ever talked to understands how important it is to me that I get to do both track and engineering, and they’ve always helped me create my schedule or been understanding when I needed to miss class for a meet. The athletes also have the Walter L. Gross Student Athlete Development Center where there are tutoring options and an amazing staff that also acts as a secondary advising staff.
Michaela Pandorf
Junior Mechanical Engineering Major
Club Gymnastics
What are your future career goals? 
I want to design roller coasters or special effects for amusement parks!
What led you to pursue a Mechanical Engineering major at Miami University?
I have always loved math and science my whole life. As I got older, I became more and more interested in robots and machines, so mechanical engineering was a natural fit. I love Miami because the classes are so small and the professors really care about you! 

What is a moment that you are particularly proud of?  
I was the first person to compete Tumbling and Trampoline events in my league and I placed 3rd at nationals on floor!
Alexandra Filiatraut
Junior Mechanical Engineering Major with a Minor in Paper Engineering and Computer Science
Track and Field - Discus and Javelin 

I have always loved science, particularly physics, and math and I was fortunate enough to have teachers in high school who pushed me to pursue those passions. I did not discover computer programming until my senior year of high school, but I took to it immediately and realized how much I love problem solving and figuring things out. After this realization, the only course of study that seemed right was mechanical engineering and computer science. My freshman year at Miami in my Intro to Engineering course we had Mr. Rudemiller and Mrs. Bischoff come speak about the university’s minor in paper engineering, and I was hooked. I had heard of paper engineering before on a previous college visit, but the way that Miami’s paper science department puts students in connection with the industry was an opportunity I could not pass up. I never knew it then, but paper engineering would quickly become a major interest of mine and the second minor I would undertake at Miami.

How has COVID-19 impacted your training/practice schedules?  
COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives the past 6 months, and a student athlete is no exception. Having to move back home to MI, we have not had tracks open until July or gyms open until late August. This certainly made my training look lot different, but also gave me time to work on much need technique improvements. From drilling footwork over and over on my patio to improvising weight training in my basement, COVID has certainly changed my practice routine and has given my body and mind some much needed rest that otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten at this point in the year. As in much of life, it is what you make of it and I know I will come back to the track as a stronger athlete both physically and mentally. 

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
by the numbers

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty and Staff 2020-2021

Amit Shukla
Chair, Professor 
Christy Perry-Owens
Administrative Assistant 
Karl Reiff
Lab Coordinator 
Brad Martin
Lab Technician 
Tim Cameron
Assoc. Dean, Professor
Edgar Caraballo
Asst. Teaching Professor 
James Chagdes
Assistant Professor 
Giancarlo Corti
Assistant Professor
Anna Dollár
Marek Dollár
Carter Hamilton
Associate Professor 
Yingbin Hu
Assistant Professor 
Muhammad Jahan
Assistant Professor 
Fazeel Khan
Jeong-Hoi Koo
James Moller
Associate Professor
David  Munday
Associate Professor 
John Richter
Assistant Clinical Lecturer 
Jinjuan She
Assistant Professor 
Mark Sidebottom
Assistant Professor 
Kumar Singh
Andrew Sommers
Associate Professor 
Xinyi Xiao
Assistant Professor 
Justin Ye
Assistant Professor 
Mehdi Zanjani
Assistant Professor 


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