Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

People Who Collaborate

In 1980 Dave Hannibal was busy as a tree climber picking cones for seed production used in nurseries for growing trees to replant. It turns out that was the early days of forest restoration and Dave "found myself as a part owner in Cedar Mountain Forestry which was a worker owned cooperative in Southern Oregon". Now more than 40 years later Dave is still involved with the same work but on a much larger scale with Grayback Forestry as forest restoration work has grown and changed. READ MORE.

OPB Think Out Loud Interview about Rangeland Fire Protection Associations

Jacob Gear, RFPA liaison with the Burns Interagency Fire Zone and Dale Martin, president of the Silver Creek RFPA discuss the role of RFPAs in Harney County during this OPB interview. Broadcast Nov 29 this interview was broadcast during Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Loud noon hour show. LISTEN HERE.

How Far Working Together Has Come

HDP's annual Year In Review magazine with reflections from HDP and each HDP supported collaborative. You'll find accomplishments and gratitude from this past year and our hopes for 2022, click the button below. 
HDP 2021 Year In Review
 2022 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, January 5 | Harney County Forest Restoration Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, January 19 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, January 20 Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Tuesday, January 25 BizHarney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, February 16 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 16 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting

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Reviving Malheur Lake

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Megafire Prevention

Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative and
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