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May 27, 2022

In Case You Missed It

Your Actions Matter

Data shows that COVID-19 case numbers are rising again, on our campus and in the community. We recognize that each of us has different health considerations and concerns, and ongoing vigilance will help maintain the safest living, learning and working conditions for everyone. Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and commitment; UC San Diego’s success throughout the pandemic is largely a reflection of the responsible behavior of all Tritons.
As we go into the long holiday weekend, we encourage everyone to consider current risk levels and determine what steps you may want to take to keep you, your loved ones and our Triton community safe. 
  1. Masking is optional (see exceptions), yet highly recommended as one of the best ways to prevent viral spread. Need a mask? See the following:
    -Free masks for students
    -Employee mask supplies for campus departments
  2. Be conscientious about risk levels if you’re going to be in a crowded space (beach, Padres game, wedding, etc.) and consider wearing a mask.
  3. If you are feeling unwell, visit a campus vending machine to complete a PCR test or use a rapid antigen test at home.
  4. Stay informed about current case rates through the UC San Diego dashboard and San Diego County dashboard.

Reminder: Steps to Isolate

UC San Diego campus employees and students who receive a diagnosis/positive test for COVID-19 must isolate. The purpose is to prevent the virus from spreading to others. Learn how to isolate.
Isolate for 5 days after your symptom onset (or test date, if you do not have symptoms). If you are fever free AND your symptoms are improving AND you have a negative rapid antigen test on day 6 or later, you may exit isolation, BUT you must continue to wear a mask around others through Day 10.
  • The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (COEM) or Student Health Services (SHS) will determine release dates and clearance for work.
    Employees: Schedule your Day 5 antigen test to exit isolation or call the Testing Support Line at 619-543-8260.
  • Students: Follow Student Health Services instructions in MyStudentChart for obtaining a rapid antigen test for use after day 5.
  • Do not conduct another PCR test for 90 days after your positive test, unless you develop new symptoms after day 30.
If your symptoms have not improved, or if your rapid antigen test remains positive, remain in isolation through Day 10. You may leave isolation on day 11, you do not need a negative test. You will still need clearance from COEM to return to work.
  • Do not conduct another PCR test for 90 days after your positive test, unless you develop new symptoms after day 30. 

What Are My Testing Options?

Don’t hesitate to get a free PCR test on campus if you have symptoms, believe you have been exposed or if your building has a positive wastewater notice. There are several ways to access testing on and off campus.
  • Visit a vending machine on campus for self-administered testing.
  • Make an appointment for a walk-up test at Price Center or drive-up test in La Jolla (appointments can also be made by calling the Testing Support Line at 619-543-8260).
  • Make an appointment through your personal health care provider.
  • Visit a San Diego County testing site.

Upcoming Town Halls

Faculty and Research Town Hall

Thursday, June 16 at 1:30 p.m.

KPBS: Building Design May Have to Adapt to Life with Airborne Viruses

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Distinguished Professor Kim Prather and Jacobs School of Engineering Professor Rajesh Gupta speak with KPBS on an inexpensive tool that can make an invaluable difference in the quality of air in indoor spaces.

Your Questions Answered

Question: I am a student and have a hold on my account due to noncompliance with the vaccine mandate. How can I resolve this?
Answer: If you are eligible for a booster, you must either get your booster or initiate an exemption/exception/deferral request in the UC San Diego Services and Support portal. Visit the Exceptions and Deferrals webpage for more information.
If you have already received your booster, make sure your booster is documented in MyStudentChart. If you encounter a problem, you can reach out to Ask-a-Nurse through MyStudentChart.
You can expect your hold to be lifted within three business days once you have met the mandate (by completing one of the two options above). No temporary or immediate hold lift can be provided by any University Department for this mandate.
Question: Why should children ages 5 years and older get vaccinated against COVID-19?
Answer: According to the CDC, the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the known and potential risks. Children who get COVID-19 can get very sick, can require treatment in a hospital, and in rare situations, can even die. After getting COVID-19, children and teens can also experience a wide range of new, returning or ongoing health problems. Getting eligible children vaccinated can help prevent them from getting really sick even if they do get infected and help prevent serious short- and long-term complications of COVID-19.
Vaccinating children can also keep them in school and daycare and safely participating in sports, playdates and other group activities. For more information, visit the CDC webpage on children and teen vaccinations.
If you have specific questions or would like to submit feedback about the Return to Learn program, please email
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