November 15, 2017 | News & Updates
With heartfelt thanks from all of us at Garbage to Garden, 
Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving is just a week away, and the other winter holidays are quickly approaching. Now is the time to start planning ahead to reduce waste at your family (and workplace!) gatherings. 

Start by using Save the Food's Guest-Imator to determine just how much food to prepare. If you wind up with lots of leftovers, find inspiration here for delicious ways to put them to use. And whatever is left - chuck it in the bucket!

Planning a holiday party? 

Whether you need an additional bucket for the overflow from your family's holiday celebration, or you are planning a larger event or corporate party and would like to rent a 32-gallon toter, we've got you covered for all of your composting needs!

Contact us at to arrange delivery/pick up today!

Get inspired:

Go "Zero-Waste" from start to finish

Of course we always use reusable plates, glassware, and silverware when we can, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense! 
Our inspiration starts with compostable plates and cutlery ranging from chopsticks and paper plates to beautiful bamboo forks and corn starch and talc dishware. Reducing food waste can be accomplished by planning out meals, repurposing leftovers and sending guests home with leftovers! And finally, thrifting - because as you Garbage to Garden-ers                                                   know, one man's trash is another man's tulips!
Holiday service announcement!
There will be no pickup on Thanksgiving, Christmas, 
& New Years Day.

As always, Garbage to Garden collection schedules follow your city’s trash/recycling schedules. 
Check with your city’s DPW or email us to find out how Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Day holidays will affect your collection schedule (with rare exceptions, the same holds true for weather cancellations).

Let the circle be unbroken
Eat. Compost. Get nutrient soil. Grow food. Repeat.
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