Save on capex with leasing options that keep your organization competitive
Save on capex with leasing options that keep your organization competitive

Industrial applications deserve industrial devices.

A commercial device in an industrial application increases the risk of failures, which can lead to decreased productivity,
Consider total cost of ownership by choosing the right device for your environment.
At Barcom, we specialize in barcode data collection applications and understand how each device in the entire solution works together to deliver superior performance and maximized uptime.
Contact us today to learn more about rugged devices from leaders like Honeywell and start increasing worker productivity and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Thinking about RFID but not sure where to begin? We've got a portable portal!

RFID may not be ideal for every application, but how do you know whether or not it will work in your environment?  We've designed a portable portal that we use for on-site RFID testing to determine whether your goods and packaging are candidates for RFID.  
Learn more about RFID site surveys and how we conduct them in our latest blog.  
Portable RFID Portal

Reduce CapEx with Hardware Leasing

Technology is evolving at an accelerated rate. A predictable budget enables you to stay current and competitive with robust, reliable devices that keep your workforce productive and orders shipped on time. There are other important advantages of leasing services that increase operating efficiency and control costs: 
Control IT Costs
A predictable monthly cost is easy to budget for without surprise spending, and encourages scalability as your company grows and expands.
Maximize Efficiency
Proactive support means most problems are fixed before they happen. In the event that a problem occurs, there's less downtime for better peace of mind.
Free Up Cash
Use capital for revenue generating activities rather than big spends on IT equipment. Make the most of your capex dollars without the worry.

Ready to learn more about the advantages of leasing? Contact us today and we can help you put a plan together for the New Year.

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