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Keeping you engaged and informed
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Week of June 19, 2016 

Happy Father's Day to Dads and Father Figures
"Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers [and father figures]  in society."
Mitzie Hunter Named New Minister of Education As a result of a cabinet shuffle in Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government this week, there is a new provincial Minister of Education. Liberal MPP for Scarborough – Guildwood Mitzie Hunter is now Minister of Education. We are looking forward to working with her in support of the success of all our students. To follow our new Minister on Twitter follow @MitzieHunterShe became an MPP in August 2013 and has been a Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Community and Social Services and most recently was the Associate Minister of Finance, responsible for the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan. Later that day, other changes to public service executive appointments were announced. George Zegarac becomes the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Nancy Matthews has been appointed Deputy Minister of Education on an interim basis. Former Education Minister Liz Sandals has been named President of the Treasury Board. There was a recent article on the new dynamic you might be interested in. Please click here. MPPs rose for summer recess after June 9, 2016. They will to return to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on September 12, 2016. 

National Aboriginal Day (from TDSB Website)
On June 21 each year, people across Canada mark National Aboriginal Day in recognition of the rights, histories, contributions and achievements of Aboriginal peoples. The unique cultures, languages and spiritual practices of First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities are celebrated nationally and in our city. National Aboriginal Day is held around the time of the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – which has spiritual significance for Indigenous people. In schools across Toronto, we honour this day through cultural activities to build knowledge about the histories and current contexts of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.
A growing number of Indigenous students and families are joining us at the TDSB. Through the Aboriginal Education Centre, we are dedicated to developing programs that meet the needs of Indigenous students and families and that enable all students and staff to learn from Indigenous perspectives.

Ward 11 Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) and French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC) Parent Representatives Needed - Thanks to Rania, Sana, Steph & Betheney
As it says on their website, "PIAC supports parents and school councils at the TDSB with the goal of improving student achievement and well-being and enhancing the accountability of the education system to parents." Our current representative Rania Saleh and alternate Sana Homsi have been tremendous advocates over the last two years and their support of parent engagement in our schools is much appreciated. Engaged parents do make a tremendous difference locally and provide advice to the Board on policies that support and improve student achievement and well-being through PIAC. Information on PIAC is available by clicking here.
French programming within the TDSB is of great interest to parents in our Ward. As it notes on their website, "The FSLAC consults with and advises the Board on French as a Second Language matters and contributes to the work of trustees and staff. This partnership of trustees, staff and parents fosters excellence and growth in FSL programs at the Board.The FSLAC is comprised of parent representatives and alternates elected by ward councils, a parent co-chair elected by FSLAC parent representatives, a trustee appointed by the Board as co-chair and designated TDSB staff." Thank you to our current representative Steph Rickard Chadda and alternate Betheney Matheu for all your efforts. There is no question this Advisory Committee will be relied on to provide the Board with its best advice as we continue to balance program and space needs. Will you help us? For more information, click here.  
It is essential to have our Ward represented at the table. If you are an interested parent who would like to interact directly with trustees and senior staff at the Board level on PIAC to provide us with your best advice, please contact me for more information. Elections for our parent representatives and alternates will be held at our first ward forum this fall. 

Is Davisville Jr PS Building a Heritage Site? - Update
Along with the community, staff and I spoke to the Toronto East York Community Council asking them not to support a heritage designation for Davisville for the reasons I spoke to in last week's update. Happily, the Councillors unanimoulsy supported Councillor Josh Matlow's Motion to defer the item indefinitely. And although it means there will be no formal designation which removes the hurdle in replacing the school, heitage elements or features in the existing building that can be suitable for incorporation into the new  building or site will absolutely be considered. Thank you to the entire Davisville Community of students, parents and staff for your campaign... "We love Davisville, but..." Your voices were essential and will remian so as we being the community engagement process for the redbuilding of the school with the Prime Consultant early this Fall. The "Request for Proposal for the Provision of Architectural Services for the Replacement of Davisville Public School" closes tomorrow!

Key Recommendations before the Board June 22, 2016 (click here for full Agenda)
Program and School Services Committee recommends (click here for full Report)
  • That all schools in the Toronto District School Board acknowledge the ancestral lands/territories at the beginning of each school day; and that the Aboriginal Education Centre provide each school with the tools and guidelines to facilitate this protocol in a respectful manner.
  • That the Board establish a task force, to include representatives from community agencies, universities, government and individuals noted for their contributions to equity; appropriate staff as designated by the Director; a minimum of five trustees; and representatives from relevant Community Advisory Committees, to… make recommendations to the Board in early April 2017 regarding modifications, and/or consolidation/rationalization and/or coordination of TDSB policies, programs, practices, procedures and processes so as to deliver and enhance supports for students living with the effects of poverty and development of engagement principles for anchoring the school in the community and the community in the school, as well as practices to guide school administrators and staff in learning about and building deep relationships with the community they serve.
Finance and Accountability Committee recommends (click here for full Report)
  • Approval of contract awards including replacement of Avondale Public School and Avondale Elementary Alternative School and a child care centre with a total floor space of 64,794 square feet (56,478 school plus 8,316 child care), to accommodate 553 pupil places and 62 child care spaces in the amount of $14,046,000 plus HST; for the construction of the replacement of George Webster Elementary School, including a parenting and family literacy centre, a pediatric clinic and a child care centre with a total floor space of 91,624 square feet, to accommodate 848 pupil places in the amount of $ 14,000,000 plus HST.
  • That although there has been discussion at the City-School Boards Advisory Committee on an expedited process for TDSB site plan approvals, that the Chair request a meeting with the Mayor’s Office to find a solution to the issues the TDSB is experiencing with regard to school site plan approvals.
Planning and Priorities Committee (click here for the full Report)
  • Recommends that the Long-Term Program and Accommodation Strategy 2016-2025 and Annual Planning Document 2016-2017, as presented in the report, be approved.
  • That Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute, 200 Poplar Road be declared surplus to the needs of the Board and referred to the Toronto Lands Corporation for sale;
  • That Buttonwood Hill, 100 Allanhurst Drive, be declared surplus to the needs of the Board and that in order to preserve the current child care spaces operating in the building, the Director continue discussions with the operator and the City and present a report on the outcome of those discussions;
  • That McNicoll,155 McNicoll Avenue and Silver Creek, 65 Hartsdale Drive be declared surplus to the needs of the Board, but not be transferred to the Toronto Lands Corporation for disposition at this time;
  • That the Director continue discussions with the Province on the transfer of ownership of the McNicoll and Silver Creek properties, the goal of the discussion being to keep current community services operating in these sites, and present a report in the fall cycle of meetings before taking any further action with respect to the future disposition of these sites;
  • That Thistletown, 925 Albion Road, be declared surplus to the needs of the Board, but not be transferred to the Toronto Lands Corporation for disposition at this time;
  • That the Director continue discussions with the City on the transfer of ownership of the Thistletown property, the goal of the discussion being to keep current community services operating in this site, and present a report in the fall cycle of meetings, before taking any further action with respect to the future disposition of this site;
  • That Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute be closed effective 30 June 2016 and the property be declared surplus to the needs of the Board and referred to the Toronto Lands Corporation for sale effective 30 June 2016;
  • That a Pupil Accommodation Review be established for the following secondary schools: Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, John Polanyi Collegiate Institute, Oakwood Collegiate Institute, Vaughan Road Academy, and York Memorial Collegiate Institute and that the review proceed as a Modified Pupil Accommodation Review process as per the Accommodation and Program Review Policy P068.
  • That Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute be closed effective 30 June 2016; that Greenwood Secondary School be relocated into the Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute building and School of Life Experience (SOLE) be relocated to the Monarch Park Collegiate Institute building, effective 1 September 2017 and that the existing commercial boundaries for Monarch Park Collegiate Institute and Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute be eliminated effective 30 June 2016.
Policy Review Committee
  • Recommends that the revisions to policy P066, Reporting of Suspected Wrongdoing (Whistleblowing), as presented in the report, be approved.
  • Recommends that the Director develop and begin using a template that uses clear, plain and simple language that shall be applied to all new or revised policies.
New Motions
  • Motions to designate June as LGBTQ Pride Month, October as Somali Heritage Month and October as Islamic Heritage Month.

Highlights from the 2016 ParticipACTION Report Card 
"The ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is the most comprehensive assessment of child and youth physical activity in Canada. The Report Card synthesizes data from multiple sources, including the best available peer-reviewed research, to assign evidence-informed grades across 12 indicators. Over the years, the Report Card has been replicated in numerous cities, provinces and countries, where it has served as a blueprint for collecting and sharing knowledge about the physical activity of young people around the world.
This Report Card includes new Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth: An Integration of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour, and Sleep – the first of their kind in the world – and, for the first time, assigns a Sleep grade."
To download the full 76-page report, please visit
New Invitations - Mark Your Calendars!
Information from French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC)
Would you like to know more about what the TDSB is doing behind the scenes to support your child in immersion, extended and core French programs? Would you like to learn more about how our supersize school board works? Have you got some feedback on French programs but don’t know where to share it? Then, the French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC) is the place to be on September 20, 2016. It will be our 11th anniversary!
Join parents from across the city and our FSL staff at the TDSB head office at 5050 Yonge St at North York Centre, Committee room A at 7 pm. The FSLAC is all about parent engagement at the Board level and providing input to support growth and excellence in our French programs. Check out our page on the TDSB website. To read the latest newsletter, click here.

Join our Year-End Live Webcast w/ @malloy_john & @RobinPilkey Monday, June 20, 8:15-9:15pm 
Join us here on Monday, June 20, from 8:15-9:15 p.m. for an interactive webcast with Director John Malloy and Chair Robin Pilkey. We'll be talking about the TDSB's new Learning Centres and you'll also have the opportunity to ask your questions. See you then!

Come Join the TDSB PRIDE Float July 3rd
All members of the TDSB community are invited to join me and the TDSB PRIDE Parade contingent on Sunday, July 3, 2016. Everyone who wishes to march with or ride on the TDSB float should gather at Asquith Green Park at 12:45 p.m. We will then travel as a group to our mustering location (please note that we will not be advised of the exact TDSB mustering location until just before parade day).
If you are unable to make it to the Asquith Green gathering location, but would like to join us en route, please watch for details and updates on Twitter (#PrideTDSB).
E-Petition for Federal Government to Provide School Boards with a Full Rebate on GST
Just a friendly reminder, should you wish, appreciate you sign the petition as we need at least 500 signatures on the E-Petition in support of C-241. Click on the link here and thanks.
  • School authorities are funded through taxpayer dollars;
  • The Government of Canada collects GST on goods and services purchased by school authorities, then refunds 68 percent; and
  • The remaining 32 percent is a tax on tax.
We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to support Bill C-241 which seeks to have the full 100 percent of GST collected by the Canada Revenue Agency refunded to Canadian school authorities.

TDSB e-Summer School
TDSB e-Summer School is available to all Ontario residents, age 14-20. This FREE* high school credit program is for Ontario secondary school students who wish to pursue secondary school courses online! TDSB e-Summer School offers dozens of online courses available in July and August sessions.  We look forward to having you during the summer sessions of 2016. Thank you for your interest in the TDSB e-Summer School. Registration for July eLearning has now closed. The last day for August eLearning registration is July 18 (midnight). For more information, please click here

Dates to Remember

Secondary School PA Day  * full-year schools only

Secondary School PA Day

Board-wide PA Day

First day of classes for all students

The 2016-2017 Days of Significance document is available for your reference at
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