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Here is the updated Lawley / Hormone Solutions newsletter for Sept 2015
Here is the updated Lawley / Hormone Solutions newsletter for Sept 2015
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Michael Buckley

Hormone Solutions - Lawley Australia news

September 2015

Dear  Customer
In Australia Lawley Pharmaceuticals has had some excellent news -  AndroForte 5 testosterone for men was included on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme which means that Australian men with confirmed androgen deficiency can have their testosterone treatment subsidized by the Australian Government. This news has been met with much support from our current AndroForte users here in Australia and places AndroForte on a more equal playing field with our testosterone competitors. The next step is to move beyond Australia and seek US FDA and European registration.
Many people, especially those in the USA, may have seen media reports last month about the US FDA's approval of the drug flibanserin for use in treating peri-menopausal women with low libido. This approval is the first drug ever approved for managing a form of female sexual dysfunction (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) in the USA and represents a seismic shift in the FDA's attitude to female sexual health. Flibanserin was shown in clinical trials to result in one additional satisfying sexual event (SSE) per month compared to placebo. Previous studies of testosterone use in women has repeatedly been shown to more than double the number of SSE's in women. Lawley is now planning large scale studies using AndroFeme testosterone cream for women in both the US, Europe and Australia with the aim for regulatory approval.     
Since our last newsletter there have been some interesting research announcements involving testosterone. These include studies looking at the link between depression and borderline testosterone levels in men and how testosterone replacement therapy may be used as a weapon in the war on obesity. These novel uses reveal that testosterone has far reaching health effects on the body and is not just a molecule for fuelling libido!
Lawley continues to be involved in clinical trials that help us to understand all the effects that testosterone has in the body. Of particular note is the TEX study here in Australia which is looking at the effects that testosterone and exercise have on the health of the heart. More information about these studies can be found below.
UK customers now have the option to order AndroFeme, AndroForte and Profeme creams from Central Pharmacy in London using a valid UK prescription (see below and conditions apply). ILS Ltd, our international shipping agent, is offering discounts if you purchase more than a single tube, click here for full details.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via email at
Michael Buckley
Medical Director   
Research presented at the annual US Endocrine Society meeting this year suggests that men who had been referred with borderline testosterone levels had a higher rate of depression than the general population. As well as having a positive effect on energy levels, libido and muscle mass, testosterone replacement therapy can also elevate mood. Read more.....
We keep hearing about the 'war on obesity' in the media and how the number of overweight people is on the rise. There are a plethora of supplements on the market to aid weight reduction but how many of them actually work? It is known that overweight men tend to have lower testosterone levels than their normal weight conterparts and it appears that replacing testosterone in this group of men can cause a reduction in weight that is, importantly, maintained. Read more.....
In most women and some men by the time we reach our 40's to 50's we are producing about half the testosterone we did in our 20's. We are often asked how to boost natural production of testosterone. Here are our top 5 tips.
Lawley Pharmaceuticals continues to support reseach which helps to understand the effects that testosterone replacement therapy has on the body. The following trials are currently recruiting in Australia, but may be of interest to our international readers.
The Women's Tesosterone Cream Study - This study in Melbourne, Australia will look at the best application method for AndroFeme.
The TEX study in Perth, Australia - will test the hypothesis that 12 weeks of testosterone plus exercise training will produce additive beneficial effects on measures of heart health compared to placebo.
Pharmacokinetics of Testosterone Cream Applied to Scrotal Skin - This study in Sydney, Australia will look at how much testosterone is absorbed when applied scrotally, an application methods which reduces the likelihood of passive transfer of testosterone to close contacts.
We will keep you posted when the results are in!
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Customer Feedback
New UK Ordering Option
We love to hear feedback from our Hormone Solutions customers. We received this comment recently;
"your about the fairest people we have dealt with, especially on the internet"
- B.M., Ontario, Canada
Thanks B.M. for your letter and feedback!
New UK Ordering Option
Central Pharmacy in London is now stocking AndroFeme, AndroForte and Profeme for our U.K. Customers.
The details for Central Pharmacy, London are;
020 77949326
223 West End Lane,             London, NW6 1XJ
To order through Central Pharmacy a valid UK prescription is required.
Our International Shipping agent, ILS Ltd, continues to provide outstanding customer service and support. Currently they are offering the following bulk purchase discounts;
Buy 2 get 5% off
Buy 3 get 10% off
Buy 4 get 15% off
Buy 5 get 20% off
Canadian Online Ordering

Our international shipping agent does not ship to Canada. For Canadians wishing to order online please  click here or on the flag and goods will be shipped direct from Australia.
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