September 7, 2021
Interdisciplinary Themes, Courses, and Affinity Groups
Did anything happen with PBL over the summer?
We spent some of the summer developing PBL themes. The themes are designed to integrate PBL efforts within the college. In addition, they will be used to develop scholarly families or affinity groups for our students. 

Watch this 5-minute presentation on the ideas that were generated over the summer regarding PBL, or read a summary of those ideas.

PBL themes and affinity groups
Is there an easy way to chat with others about PBL, themes, and affinity groups?
A slack channel, casl-pbl (CASL Practice- Based Learning), has been set up. Please consider setting up a slack account and joining the casl-pbl channel to chat informally about PBL and affinity group ideas.

Once you have set up a slack account, email Associate Dean Marie Waung to be added to the casl-pbl channel. If there is enough interest in using slack, then we will develop separate channels for each PBL theme to allow faculty to connect within each of the four theme areas.

Practice Based Learning Web Page
If you have any questions regarding PBL, please contact Marie Waung.
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