With RFID and RTLS, you'll never miss a carton, pallet or bin again.
With RFID and RTLS, you'll never miss a carton, pallet or bin again.

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With RTLS (a real-time location system), inventory materials and other company assets can be tracked automatically using RFID technology.
RTLS automatically detects movement and updates the status of pallets, bins, boxes, etc. and their contents in a database (like Barcom's transaction™, for example).
The return on investment for this technology is achieved in a matter of months, reducing instances of lost inventory, decreasing errors, and improving worker productivity immediately.
RTLS was a good move for one of our customers recently.  We tell the story in this month's blog, so be sure to check it out by clicking the button below.
Real-World Success Story: Inventory Tracking in Real-Time

The Brains Behind

the Brawn.

RFID technology is amazing and works great for a number of applications, but how will you manage all the great data you'll get?  In some cases, your ERP or WMS may not have the ability to manage the level of detail you'll gain from the technology. 
That's where we excel.  Using transaction™ software, we create a customized database that aligns with your business rules and requirements, so you can be certain it will operate the way you want in order put all this great data to work efficiently.
Catch a glimpse of how transaction™ software helps drive RFID RTLS applications in our Zebra ATR7000 set-up video.
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RFID RTLS Set Up & Operation Video [3 min]

What Kind of RFID Labels Do I Need?

We can help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right label for your application.

A full understanding of your application will guide us to the type of RFID label that will work best.  We take into consideration the type of material needed, the strength of the adhesive, and whether or not extreme conditions are a factor (extreme heat, cold, moisture, light, etc.).
There are other considerations as well that go into choosing the perfect RFID label; this includes the chip selection that determines whether you require a standard or high memory tag, the level of privacy protection or encryption, and your actual environment (do liquids or metal come into play?). 
Our experience and partnerships with leading manufacturers means we know what questions to ask and how to help you develop a plan in the most cost effective way. 
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