Welcome to Spring 2021!

Spring has traditionally been seen as a time of renewal, and this could not be more true this year. We have been living with the Covid-19 pandemic for a year now, but it seems like hope is on our horizon. Vaccines are being steadily rolled out, new cases, and, thankfully, deaths are on the decline. Hopefully, as we look forward to the future, we can see classes and campus activities return to normal! Not the “new” normal, but normal as we knew it pre-pandemic.

We also have a lot to look forward to as a department. Skyviews is nearly done with its renovation and will reopen soon. Skyviews has also launched a “ghost kitchen” pizza business (If you have not tried it you should, it is fantastic!). We offered new culinary courses this Spring, and hopefully, we will add more in the Fall. Everywhere you look, we see newness on the horizon. Please read below about some of the great new things we are excited about.

Welcome to Spring 2021,

Dr. Robert Paul Jones
Associate Professor and Department Chairperson
Emeritus Status for Dr. McCool
We are excited to let all of you know that the Texas Tech Board of Regents has awarded Dr. Barent McCool Emeritus status! The awarding of Emeritus is in recognition of long and faithful service to the University. Faculty must achieve the rank of Professor or Associate Professor and have at least 10 years of service to the University. Faculty must be nominated and, with support from the President, presented to the Board of Regents for approval. The awarding of Emeritus status is a rare and significant honor, and we congratulate Dr. McCool on this achievement.

Wines of the world

Want to know more about wines and learn how to choose them with greater confidence? Our RHIM program is offering RHIM 4311 "Wines of the World" in Fall 2021! This new curriculum includes Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET®) and Level 1 & 2 Awards in wine. This means you will get two levels in one semester! (WSET®) is the gold standard in wine education, and students can obtain certificates and pins as recognition for their achievements. 
Students must be 21 or older by the first day of class. For registration eligibility, please contact donna.burt@ttu.edu.
IRi In Action 
Last semester, our HRM department partnered with IRI to provide students with real-world retail data to work with. This software stores real-time POS data from several major retailers and can provide real-world situations for students to complete projects. Currently, it is being taught in the graduate level buying class, where students are creating a buying project in the Category or Brand Management area. 
We are so excited to see where this technology takes our students, and are grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing company!
Congratulating Dr. Yuan!
We want to congratulate Dr. Jessica Yuan for her promotion to full professor! Dr. Yuan is a member of the RHIM faculty and has been very distinguished in her career. She teaches the undergraduate class "Financial Analysis in Hospitality & Retailing" along with the graduate classes "Introduction to the Doctoral Program," "Quantitative Research Methods in Hospitality, Tourism, and Retail Management," and "Hospitality and Retail Management Research." She also serves as an advisor for the Graduate Hospitality & Retail Management Association. We can't wait to see what she brings to the department in the future! 
We're the #1 Online
Hospitality BAAS Degree for ROI! 
OnlineU has named our online BAAS Hospitality Management degree a #1 online bachelor's, with the highest return on investment. With a 10-Year ROI of $444,300, our program allows students a flexible and rewarding degree. This is all thanks to the amazing faculty and staff that make this program so successful!
Welcoming Mark Schneider
Mark Schneider has joined the HRM team as an adjunct professor for the RHIM Program, teaching the Experimental Baking course and Cultural Cuisine. He is from Waco, Texas, and is the former Texas State Technical College State Division Director. He is also a former Texas Chef of the Year (2008), Current Chairman of the Texas Chefs Association, an American Academy of Chef Fellow, and World Master Chef Society Member and current Treasurer of the US Chapter. He currently has 4 ACF Gold Medals and is hoping to go international in the near future! 
Campus Policy Update
Although the state laws have changed, don't forget that Texas Tech is maintaining a mask policy. Masks should still be worn at all times in the Texas Tech campus buildings! Together, we can keep each other safe and slow the spread of Covid-19. For more updates on the Covid-19 virus, please visit 
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