Family Distance Learning Survey

August 4, 2020

Family Survey

On Friday we shared with you initial details about our plans to begin the school year with a blended learning approach, which combines distance-learning activities and in-person learning, but with strict social distancing and limits to the number of students and staff present at one time. We also shared with you that families will have the option to choose full-time distance learning for their students. 
To help us plan, we are gathering information from families to learn their current choices for fall enrollment and transportation options. In order to plan for staffing and capacity levels, we need to have a sense of how many families will make certain choices. For example, knowing how many families intend for their students to attend full-time distance learning is important for our planning. Families will be able to opt-in to full-time distance learning at any time, but switching to blended learning would need to happen at trimester transitions. We understand that you may feel you do not have enough information to make a choice. Your responses are crucial to helping us prepare, but they are not binding. Please respond to the survey by the end of Sunday, August 9.  
Clarification on blended learning model
In our message on Friday, the description of how blended learning will work in the secondary grades was confusing. In our blended-learning plan, students will attend school in-person a minimum of two days per week. Younger students and some students involved in special education programming may attend more often based on individual learning needs. Students in grades 7 – 12 will attend in-person two days a week, just as students in grades 2 – 6. 
On days students are not learning in-person, distance learning activities will be provided. Classrooms will be limited to 50% capacity with physical distancing. As ordered by the governor, students and staff will be required to wear a face covering while at school, with some specific exceptions. Students will be able to wear their own mask, or a mask provided by their school.
  • Pre-K, ECSE: Families with students registered for pre-K and ECSE will receive information directly this week about our pre-K program and options.
  • Grades K – 1: Students in kindergarten and first grade will attend school in-person four days a week, and one day will be distance learning from home.
  • Grades 2 – 6: Students in second through sixth grade will be divided into two groups and attend school in-person two days a week, and three days will be distance learning from home.
  • Grades 7 – 12: Students in grades seven through 12 will be divided into two groups and attend school in-person two days a week, and three days distance learning. They will attend half of their classes on each of the two in-person days, with lengthened class periods to create an improved class experience and limit the times students are moving between classrooms.
New website and email address for information on reopening
Our webpage for information on school reopening is available at Information will be continually added, so please check it often. This page will be the place to go for all information about the state's guidance to schools, our plans, options available, and to learn what we will be doing to keep students, staff and families safe in this upcoming school year. There will soon be an FAQ there that will hopefully be a great resource of information. We also have a dedicated email address so we can triage your questions and get back to you: 
Thank you for your patience!
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