Updated podcast episode and upcoming events information
Updated podcast episode and upcoming events information

  NETRF is Coming to Salt Lake City in November!

We just wrapped up our in-person patient education conference in Austin, Texas, (see below) and now we are gearing up for our next Net Impact conference in Salt Lake City on November 4th!

We have a fantastic afternoon of informational presentations planned with topics including:

* Surgery for NETs 
* What's new in NETs
* Nuclear Medicine & PRRT – What’s New?
* NET Symptom Management
* NET Impact through: Basic and Translational Research/Clinical Trials
* NET Thrivership: Practical Tools for Managing Stress & Fatigue Management 
Registration is now open here. We hope you will join us in November! Special thanks to Crinetics and Novartis for sponsoring this educational event. 
NET Patient & Congressman Joaquin Castro flanked by fellow NET patient Steve Tidrick and his wife, NETRF Board Member Dr. Laurie Littlepage
Our panel of NET experts answered questions from attendees

Thank You, Texas!

Our NET Impact: Thrivership and Research Program held on September 23, 2023 in Austin, Texas was a great success. People from all across Texas and five other states attended and connected with one another to learn from NET specialists from Texas Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the University of Texas. 

This event had a theme of NET thrivership and research that also cultivated connection, hope, awareness, and community. For the first time in a group setting, surrounded by others living with neuroendocrine cancer, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro shared his personal story. Congressman Castro was diagnosed a little over a year ago with neuroendocrine cancer. His story echoed many of the NET issues and challenges that affect patients and caregivers.  

A special thank you to Drs. Scott Paulson and Dan Halperin for their passion and efforts to make this NET patient program a success. Dr. Halperin captured the moment best when he said “The NET community is a rich community of patients, clinicians and researchers." NETRF is incredibly thankful we were able to bring this special community together and deliver a meaningful patient education experience. 

If you could not attend this event, please watch for an announcement as the presentations are available to view online. Thank you to Crinetics, Novartis and RayzeBio for sponsoring this event. 

NETWise Episode 28: PRRT Revisited

In this episode, we’re talking about one of the most exciting and widely discussed treatments for NETs: PRRT.

This is a revised version of an episode that was originally released in 2020. A lot has happened since then in the development of nuclear medicine treatments like PRRT, and we’re excited to bring you this updated information. A special thank you to Dr. Courtney Lawhn Heath, a nuclear radiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, for contributing to this updated NETWise episode.

Thrivership: Coping with Anxiety

In this month’s Thrivership series, NETRF's Director of Patient Education Jessica Thomas talks about anxiety, which is a common symptom you may experience in your NET journey.
Watch our Thrivership Series and also read The Emotions of Living with Neuroendocrine Tumors to explore different coping interventions that may be helpful in supporting your emotional resilience and wellness.

2023 Know Your NETs: "Symptom Management"

Knowledge is power, and we encourage you to watch Symptom Management  from our 2023 KNOW YOUR NETs Patient Education Conference, presented by David Metz, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania (retired).
Dr. Metz discusses different types of symptoms that NET patients can experience as well as medical management of NET symptoms.

PreMIT: Precision Molecular Imaging & Theranostics

Rodney Hicks, MD, a NETRF Accelerator Award recipient, has started a new company called Precision Molecular Imaging and Theranostics (PreMIT) which provides imaging and theranostic services through the Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre (MTIC) in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Hicks and his team have installed an ultra-extended field-of-view PET/CT that has more than 10-fold higher sensitivity than even the most advanced standard field-of-view scanners, allowing for the administration of much lower amounts of radioactive tracers while also markedly reducing scan times. Typical whole-body imaging studies can be done in under 10 minutes with the added ability to image the vascularity of tumors through whole-body dynamic imaging, which is of particular interest in NETs that often demonstrate neovascularization.

“I will certainly remain engaged in NET research through ongoing collaborations with the lab of Dr. Richard Tothill and my colleagues in the NET Service at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, including the ongoing PARLuNET trial funded by NETRF,” says Dr. Hicks. “At MTIC, we will focus on Phase I studies with a range of novel diagnostic and therapeutic agents. We are also able to provide theranostic services, including PRRT, to international patients.”

From Stocks to Bequests: Make a Lasting Impact

Many donors choose to support NETRF with stock gifts each year. Stock gifts present a great opportunity to make a larger impact because your gift is mutually beneficial — we receive the full value of the stock, while you avoid paying capital gains tax.

You may also consider naming NETRF as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, a simple and tax-efficient way to support our mission. Retirement plans are highly taxed due to estate and income taxes. A donor can transfer their retirement plan directly to NETRF via a complete or partial beneficiary designation and these assets will not be taxed. By naming NETRF as part of your retirement plan, you will become a member of the NETRF Legacy Society, a special community of donors.

For more information, please visit: Ways to Give - NETRF.

CureNET Dueling Piano Fundraiser

Rising Tides Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio, is holding a fundraiser next month to benefit NET patient and The CureNET Project Founder Brittany Holzhauer. The CureNET Project (since its inception in 2022) has rasied $65,000 for NETRF.
Rising Tides Foundation is a non-profit organization that "believes in the power of community...to directly support families in need and non-profits working towards noble causes."
Monies raised at their October 7th fundraiser in Mason, Ohio will be split between NETRF and The Holzhauer Family. 

Sheryl Strong Fundraiser in 'Margaritaville' to Benefit NETRF

Although the world sadly lost the great Jimmy Buffett earlier this month, we can still enjoy his magical music while raising money for NETRF! 
If you're in the greater Sacramento, California area next month, make a point to attend the 2nd Annual Sheryl Strong Fundraiser to benefit NETRF
Sheryl Sorem was an avid golfer and a lifelong Buffett fan, so this year's fundraiser is a Buffett-themed party to celebrate and remember Sheryl and raise awareness of NETs and much needed research funding for NETRF.  
Register here.


NETRF CEO Elyse Gellerman joined fellow NET patient advocates from around the world in Bologna, Italy earlier this month for the 11th  INCA Summit. INCA, the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance, is dedicated to raising awareness about all types of NETs and providing a global platform for collaboration to address NET patients’ unmet needs and care access issues.

Gellerman presented NETRF’s work to build the NET Research Community and success in supporting early-career scientists. In just the past five years, NETRF funded 38 early-career scientists who represented 48% of our 86 awards.  All the early-career scientists remain in research, with 90% still conducting NET-focused research. This group of NETRF grantees has leveraged their NETRF experience to apply for additional funding of almost $8 million from other organizations.

NETRF Board Of Scientific Advisors Co-Chair Chrissie Thirlwell to Lead Medical School

Chrissie Thirlwell, MD, PhD, Co-Chair of the NETRF Board of Scientific Advisors, has been appointed as Head of University of Bristol Medical School, United Kingdom.

NETRF is delighted about Dr. Thirlwell's new appointment at the University of Bristol Medical School, which houses over 3,000 staff and students. The school has a world-leading reputation for interdisciplinary health research and embraces educational innovation which nurtures skilled, adaptable, and resilient clinicians and scientists.

Dr. Thirlwell started her new position earlier this month and will move her NET Medical Oncology clinical practice to the University Hospitals of Bristol and Western where she will join a vibrant, multidisciplinary team.

NET Research Career Opportunities

The University of Arizona College of Medicine shares two career opportunities in their Department of Translational Neurosciences for a Research Scientist and a Postdoctoral Research Associate
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