September 2, 2020

Need-to-Know News from the USA 

Exclusive: The conventions over, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by a narrower 50%-43% in USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll
Why Share It: New poll results from Suffolk University and USA Today reveal the sentiment of the U.S. electorate after the two national party conventions.

New poll shows Trump's tough path to reelection
Why Share It: The Hill summarizes the most recent poll results from Grinnell College, which suggest that Vice President Biden has retained a significant lead among likely voters nationwide.
How Minnesota Became a 2020 Election Battleground
The Wall Street Journal
Why Share It: The Wall Street Journal explains how President Trump has become unexpectedly competitive in Minnesota, a state he narrowly lost in 2016.

After the political conventions, Trump and Biden are poised for Arizona slugfest
The Arizona Republic
Why Share It: The Arizona Republic explains how Arizona, a state President Trump won by a 3.5 percent margin in 2016, appears to be a toss-up in the current election cycle.

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