March 25, 2020

COVID-19: Need-to-Know News from
the USA

Senate Heads for Vote Today on Record Stimulus Package
Why It Matters: This is a good summary of the stimulus package that is expected to pass the Senate today. It details what different segments of U.S. society will receive and the concessions Democrats negotiated on how companies could use the money.

The Fight for New York
Why It Matters: As Axios puts it, New York’s “success — or failure — in fighting the virus, safeguarding citizens and treating the afflicted will tell us a lot about what can succeed in the rest of the United States.”

‘Raring to Go by Easter’
The New York Times “The Daily” Podcast (Audio)

Why It Matters: The podcast provides a good rundown of how the United States has responded to COVID-19, dating back to comments made by President Trump at Davos in January and running up to his comments in a FOX News Virtual Town Hall this week about opening up the U.S. economy by Easter.

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