May 20, 2020

COVID-19: Need-to-Know News from
the USA

ICYMI: Click here to watch our discussion on how COVID-19 is shaking up U.S. politics.

The End of ‘Who Me? For V.P.?’ Politics
Why Share It: This political memo by the Times’ Mark Leibovich looks inside how prospective vice presidential candidates are adopting more overt tactics to make their case for the job. What impact will these efforts have on Joe Biden’s choice?

Powell, Mnuchin Outline Contrasting Perils Facing Economy 
Why Share It: This is a good summary of the contrasting testimonies offered yesterday regarding what kind of additional federal aid is needed to combat the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin favors a wait-and-see approach, while Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suggests that more aid will be needed.
Lindsey Graham seeks broad authority to subpoena former Obama officials
Why Share It: The next chapter in what feels like an endless stream of investigations out of Washington, D.C.: Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is preparing for hearings that Senate Republicans hope will help President Trump’s reelection effort.

Companies Worth $2 Trillion Are Calling for a Green Recovery
Why Share It: A possible upside to post-pandemic economic recovery: greener business, something younger U.S. voters say they want.

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