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January 11, 2019

Photo of the Week

San Buenaventura State Beach
State Parks Lifeguards on duty during a big surf event at sunset on January 9. The lifeguards made many rescues of surfers in distress due to very large surf and rip currents during the event. 
Photo from Tyson Butzke, Channel Coast District

Gavin Newsom Sworn in as California’s 40th Governor and Proposes 2019-20 “California for All” State Budget
Story from: Communications Office
Governor Gavin Newsom unveils 2019-20 State Budget on January 10. Photo from Jorge Moreno, Communications Office.
Under a large tent on the west lawn of the State Capitol, Gavin Newsom was sworn in as California’s 40th governor Monday, January 7. In his inaugural address “A California for All,” Governor Newsom promised to restore California’s luster by highlighting issues from environmental protection to immigrant rights to health care.
During his 25-minute speech Newsom said, “California has always helped write America’s future. And we know the decisions we make would be important at any time. But what we do today is even more consequential, because of what’s happening in our country. People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe – they all hang in the balance. The country is watching us. The world is waiting on us. The future depends on us. And we will seize this moment.”
To read the full text of his inaugural address, click here.
On Thursday, January 10, Governor Newsom submitted his 2019-20 “California for All” budget proposal to the Legislature – a fiscal blueprint that builds a strong financial foundation by investing an unprecedented $13.6 billion in budget resiliency and paying down unfunded pension liabilities.
“During my inaugural speech, I described the California Dream as a house we are building together,” said Governor Newsom. “That wasn’t just a speech device – it’s exactly what we are proposing today. To make the California Dream available to all, our state must be fiscally sound. This budget lays a strong financial foundation for our state by eliminating debts, expanding the rainy-day fund and paying down our unfunded liabilities.”
The Governor’s budget includes funding for preschool, K-12 and higher education. His budget also invests in emergency readiness, response and recovery which would continue to support local areas devastated by the 2018 wildfires.
To read the full text of the Governor’s 2019-20 budget proposal, click here.
2017 Director’s Award Recipients Announced, Ceremony Set for Thursday, January 31
Story from: Communications Office 
California State Parks will hold the 2017 Director's Awards Ceremony Thursday, January 31 at 10 a.m. at the California State Railroad Museum.
Due to limited space, only the awardees and their guests will attend the ceremony at the museum. Sign language interpreters will be onsite. A live feed will be available online at The feed will also be airing in two conference rooms at headquarters – the Redwood Room (14th Floor) and Room 1412. We hope you can join us and celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues and the spirit of service and commitment to the department’s mission. 
Should you have any questions on the ceremony or Director’s Recognition Awards Program, please connect with Jorge Moreno from the Communications Office at or at (916) 653-1986. 
You can view the full list of the 2017 Director’s Award recipients here
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First Day Hike Event Enjoyed by Thousands in California
Story from: Dennis Weber, Partnerships Division
Hikers make their way up the trail from the beach to the bluff on a sunny First Day Hike at Carpinteria State Beach.
Despite cold temperatures for most of the state, more than 2,500 hikers greeted the New Year with a First Day Hike in California State Parks January 1, 2019.
Fifty-five parks offered 84 different hiking and outdoor activity options. Along with hiking, there was a paddle and a first-ever swim at Humboldt Lagoons State Park where four swimmers braved the waters of Stone Lagoon. Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area had a well-attended off-road ride and hike.
In all, visitors hiked, swam, rode or paddled more than 9,000 miles as California State Parks celebrated its eighth year participating in the international First Day Hikes event. Nationally all 50 states and several Canadian provinces participated with more than 72,000 hikers covering more than 150,000 miles.
Great views, incredible bird watching, tide pool discoveries, majestic redwoods, history and science lessons and whale sightings rewarded hikers. Hikers came from as far away as England and some participants were regulars enjoying their fifth or sixth consecutive First Day Hike.
A big thank-you to all the California State Parks staff, docents and volunteers as well as cooperative associations and operating partners whose efforts made this grass-roots event a success.
More than 120 visitors participated in two First Day hikes at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Photo from Gae Henry, Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association.
Top: Docent Carolyn Sarah stops to share her knowledge with hikers during the inaugural First Day Hike at Trione-Annadel State Park. Bottom: Hikers step over a log during a First Day Hike at Salt Point State Park.
Youth Probation Camp Builds Tables, Display Cases at Trione-Annadel State Park
Story and photos from: Sarah Reid, Bay Area District
Staff at Trione-Annadel State Park feel fortunate to have the help of our local Youth Probation Camp, which builds memorial picnic tables to California State Parks specifications for our local parks.
Over the past few years, there have been many memorial tables added to our park for all to enjoy. State Parks staff learned how to let our community order a table directly from Camp.
The picnic tables are made from beautifully crafted redwood and are greatly appreciated. One recently delivered memorial table is for Alec "Doc" Isabeau, a past local trail runner, donated by Empire Runners and his friends for a very busy intersection in our park. One end of the table reads: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” Another memorial table, which is about two years old, is located next to the gazebo near the lake, providing a semiprivate picnic spot under a lovely live oak.
We currently have about 15 memorial tables and four memorial benches scattered throughout the park, with two more on the way.
Youth Probation Camp is also currently working on our order of 17 new map display cases to replace the old ones with our new name (2016 State Parks Commission). It's a great partnership of community, youth gaining skills, and parks, as well as a legacy for future park users to enjoy.
Special thanks to the County of Sonoma Probation Camp in Forestville, California.
McGrath State Beach Closed Due to Flooding
Story and photos from: Tyson Butzke, Channel Coast District
McGrath State Beach closed on Monday morning, January 7, due to the increased flooding caused by the Santa Clara River Estuary from the recent storms. At its peak, the water rose three to four feet. The beach is closed for the security, safeguarding and preservation of resources.
Flooding occurs when the water backs up behind the naturally occurring sandbar blocking the mouth of the estuary until the estuary breaches with regular rainfall. The park will remain closed until the floodwaters recede and cleanup and repairs to the entry road and campsites have been made.
Hundreds of wildlife species live and raise their young in the nine separate ecosystems found at McGrath State Beach, which is located five miles south of Ventura off Highway 101 via Harbor Boulevard. The park offers one of the best bird-watching areas in California, with the lush riverbanks of the Santa Clara River and sand dunes along the shore. 
Reconstruction on the Historic Bridgeport Covered Bridge Set to Begin this Spring 
Story from: Adeline Yee, Communications Office
Parks employees from the Sierra District and Northern Service Center, along with members of the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee met with Spectra Company at South Yuba River State Park on January 9 for a pre-construction meeting to restore the historic bridge. Photo from Adeline Yee, Communications Office.
Construction to rehabilitate the Bridgeport Covered Bridge, the world’s longest covered single-span wooden bridge still standing, is set to begin this spring. Originally built in 1862, the historic bridge has been closed to pedestrian traffic since the fall of 2011, when structural deficiencies were discovered during a timber survey.
Thanks to many supporters in the Nevada County community including the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee, the reconstruction project is now fully funded. On Wednesday, January 9, members of the Sierra District, Northern Service Center, Save our Bridge Campaign Committee met with the construction company, Spectra, at South Yuba River State Park for a pre-construction meeting. Plans were discussed to prepare for the start of construction in March, how to mitigate environmental concerns and handle park visitors during this time.
The project will cost $6.9 million and construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. Thank you to everyone who has supported State Parks to help reopen this iconic bridge for future generations to enjoy. For the latest project updates, please visit the Bridgeport Covered Bridge Restoration Project page here.
The Bridgeport Covered Bridge has been closed to pedestrian traffic since the fall of 2011. Construction to restore the bridge is set to begin this spring. Photos from Adeline Yee, Communications Office.
Inside look at the bridge. It was originally 251 feet long but became 229 feet long after removal of the weather wings at each end. It utilizes a unique combination of truss and arch construction. It's the longest single-span, wooden covered bridge in the world and is listed as a California Historical Landmark, an entry in the National Register of Historic Places, and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Photo from Brian Baer, Communications Office.
Built by Virginian David Isaac John Wood in 1862, the Bridgeport Covered Bridge was part of the Virginia Turnpike Company toll road which served the northern mines and the Nevada Comstock Lode. Tolls were collected between Marysville and Virginia City, Nevada. Photo from Brian Baer, Communications Office.
To view current job openings within California State Parks, please visit our jobs webpage at
Current Opportunities include:
  • Tribal Affairs Program Manager in Sacramento County
  • Dispatcher Clerk in San Luis Obispo County
  • Skilled Laborer in Monterey County
Angeles District
Click on video of Oceano Dunes District's Dena Bellman accepting the California On-Location Award (COLA) at the Beverly Hilton on December 16, honoring her tremendous efforts supporting the film industry. Congratulations to Dena!
Video from Stacy Beard, Sierra District 
North Coast Redwoods District
North Coast Redwoods District Superintendent Victor Bjelajac (right) presented the Golden Oak Leafs pin to Bill Salata (left) for his promotion as the new Chief Ranger at North Coast Redwoods District.
Photo from Victor Bjelajac, North Coast Redwoods District 
Olompali State Historic Park
Marin County is well covered with Three Christmas Bird Counts (CBC), sponsored by the Marin Audubon Society. In its 119th season, CBC’s are the longest-running citizen science program in the world with more than 2,300 individual count circles in the Western Hemisphere. The CBC provides an invaluable profile of bird population numbers, avian movements and associated trends, such as climate pressures and the impact of land-use policies on birds and other wildlife. Final count was 48 species including a Yellow-Shafted Flicker and an Indian Pea Fowl. Avid community birders (left to right): Janet Bodle, Rich Cimino, Jim Crumpler, Patty Diluzio, Miles and Teresa Tuffli, and Sylvie Silverstein.
Photo from Joleen Ossello, Bay Area District 
San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area
San Luis Reservoir Rangers Chris Jou, Betty Wong, Jeff Bright and Megan Sanchez hike the "Path of the Padres" in preparation for this spring's series of hikes. The five-mile trail is accessed by a pontoon boat that carries hikes across Los Banos Creek State Recreation Area. The "Path of the Padres" got its name because it was the path through the Diablo Mountain Range taken by the padres as they came across Mission San Juan Bautista, 35 miles along Los Banos Creek and into the Central Valley in the early 1800s. To learn more about the history and this hike, click here.
Photos from Megan Sanchez, Central Valley District
Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
Senior Park Aide and School/Volunteer Program Coordinator Brooke Betz with State Park Peace Officer (SPPO) Ranger Ryan Randar inside the museum.
Photo from Adeline Yee, Communications Office
Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
State Park Peace Officer (SPPO) Ranger Ryan Randar, Sierra Gold Sector, has been a ranger with State Parks since 2000. He's worked at Bodie State Historic Park and the Tahoe Sector and is now based at South Yuba River State Park.
Photo from Adeline Yee, Communications Office
South Yuba River State Park
Historian II Michael Jasinski with the Northern Service Center checks his rolleiflex camera (a medium format film camera from the 1940s) at the historic Bridgeport Covered Bridge. In addition to the bridge restoration project, Michael has worked on restoration and rehabilitation projects at the Neptune Pool, Governor's Mansion, Stanford Mansion, Gaviota Pier, Jack London (House of Happy Wall Museum) and the Dog Hole Port survey along the Mendocino Coast. Currently, he's also working on the William B. Ide Adobe rehabilitation and the Angel Island hospital. Michael has been with State Parks for 10 years and says he loves being a historian. He tells us, "I think photography is the most effective way to document resources and tell a story." You can check out some of his photo essays:
Neptune Pool   I    
Dog Hole Ports   I   Wilder Ranch
Photos from Adeline Yee, Communications Office
Pacheco State Park
A tule elk stands proud along the hills.
Video from Lee Sencenbaugh, Central Valley District 
Trione-Annadel State Park 
Newt spotted on the winter solstice.
Photo from Kathy Kelly, Bay Area District
Hearst San Simeon State Park 
A sea star welcomes the new year.
Photo from Robyn Chase, San Luis Obispo Coast District
El Capitán State Beach
A sea star (Pisaster ochraceus) party.
Photo from Bruce Willhite, Channel Coast District
El Capitán State Beach
A sea hare (Aplysia californica) hanging out in the tide pools.
Photo from Bruce Willhite, Channel Coast District
Olompali State Historic Park
An Indian peafowl hangs around with turkeys. It was spotted during a bird count sponsored by the Marin Audubon Society.
Photo from Joleen Ossello, Bay Area District
Refugio State Beach
This squirrel is taking precaution to come out. 
Photo from Bruce Willhite, Channel Coast District 
Hearst San Simeon State Park
The California red-legged frog seen at the park. Or is this the Prince of Hearst Castle...without his crown? 
Photo from Robyn Chase, San Luis Obispo Coast District 
Fort Tejon State Historic Park
Quoting Interpreter Steve Ptomey, "Come for the bathroom, stay for the history."
Photo from Paige Rogowski, Partnerships Office
Refugio State Beach
Christmas morning sunrise.
Photo from Bruce Willhite, Channel Coast District 
Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Sunrise over the Eel River.
Photo from Greg Hall, North Coast Redwoods District 
Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
A serene sunset at the historic fort. 
Photo from Maggie Kelso, Capital District 
San Buenaventura State Beach
An aerial view of the Ventura Pier during sunset. 
Photo from Tyson Butzke, Channel Coast District 
Red Rock Canyon State Park 
Pink, tan, gray and black paints this beautiful geological picture along the corridor of State Route 14.
Photo from Lou Figueroa, Tehachapi District
Castle Crags State Park
Left: Gray Rocks are mainly metamorphic greenstone and are a detached portion of the Copley Formation, related to the ancient and complex geologic history of the Klamath Range. Middle: Castle Crags, an ultramafic (igneous) rock formation is often interpreted to represent an ancient ophiolite – a slice of the oceanic crust. The Okwanuchu Shasta believed that spirits took human forms to live in rocks, cliffs and mountaintops such as the crags. Right: Mt. Shasta reaches an impressive height of 14,179 feet. The youngest geologic feature in the area, this volcano began forming a half a million years ago and last erupted in 1786.
Photo from Joleen Ossello, Bay Area District 
Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area
Photo 1: Desert sunflowers. Photo 2: Desert lily. Photo 3: Jimson weed.
Photo from Edward Aurea, Ocotillo Wells District
Trione-Annadel State Park 
Sunlight in a raindrop taken on the Winter Solstice on December 21.
Photo from Sarah Reid, Bay Area District
Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Snow blanketed the park this week. 
Photo from Greg Martin, Central Valley District
Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Sun shines brightly before snow covered the park.
Photo from Devin Swartwood, Central Valley District
Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
Snow covered one of the miner's cabins on Tuesday, January 8, before the rain washed it all away the following day.
Photo from Brooke Betz, Sierra District
Auburn State Recreation Area
Clouds and fog creep into the canyon.
Photo from Brian Baer, Communications Office
Auburn State Recreation Area
A view of the fog from the Yankee Jim Bridge.
Photo from Brian Baer, Communications Office
Auburn State Recreation Area
The North Fork of the American River. 
Photo from Brian Baer, Communications Office
Thank You Email to Docent Connie Gaddy and Ranger Katherine Simmonds at Año Nuevo State Park
My family and I took a special access tour of the elephant seals at Año Nuevo this morning. Our docent Connie and our ranger Katherine were wonderful! We found out everthing we wanted to know about the park and its inhabitants. They took time to help my nephew who is 8 yrs old and my mother who is in her 80’s. My mother has a hard time getting around. Today she had a dream come true. She has wanted to see these seals for decades and had all but given up the idea because walking got difficult for her. We are so grateful for this incredible experience.
Thank you, thank you.
Amy Smolinski
Folsom Lake State Recreation Area Ranger Scott Modeste Receives Thank You Letter from Folsom Police Department 
Mount San Jacinto State Park Staff Receive Thank You Card for Rescuing a Hiker in December 2018 
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park Receives Kudos for Maintaining the Historic Integrity
I drive through Coloma everyday on my commute. I appreciate everything you all do to maintain our historic integrity. Thank you for teaching us all, for guiding children, for holding the festivals, for decorating, for cleaning, for being there every day so the rest of us can enjoy such a beautiful place! You are all amazing to me!
Camille DePoy
Saturday, January 12
  • Bald Eagle Count – Lake Perris State Recreation Area: Join us for an opportunity to catch a glimpse of our breathtaking national symbol, the Bald Eagle! Eagle Counts are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month January through March. More Information
  • Steve Bier Memorial Bike Ride in Fish Creek - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: Join Jim and Gary as they ride in celebration and memory of Ranger Steve Bier, who patrolled Fish Creek before his passing in March of 2017. We will ride through Fish Creek and into Loop Wash, making stops at several of the natural wonders Ranger Steve shared with so many people, before making our way back to the start. More Information
Sunday, January 13
  • Nature Hike - Sonoma State Historic Park: Get out for a winter hike along the lower Montini Preserve Trail. Experience history, nature and community led by Park Interpretive Specialist “Ranger Dave”.  More Information
Saturday, January 19-20
  • Salton Sea 2019 Bird Festival – Salton Sea State Recreation Area: Enjoy a weekend of birding and other fun activities at the Salton Sea 2019 Bird Festival More Information
  • Lei-Out: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament – Huntington State Beach: Lei-Out is a coed ultimate frisbee tournament taking place on the sand from the Lifeguard Tower 2 to Tower 12. More Information
Monday, January 21
  • "Java with a Lifeguard” King Tides Talk –  Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds: Phoebe Hearst Social Hall Terrace: Meet up at the Hearst Social Hall Terrace at 9:00 a.m. Have coffee (for purchase at Phoebe’s Café) and learn about King Tides – what they are and how these super tides affect our ocean and State Beach environment. Lifeguards will talk about ocean safety and share some of their tools of their trade, including a rescue watercraft that California State Parks lifeguards use during ocean rescues. More Information
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California Department of Parks and Recreation. The views expressed and opinions do not always reflect that of the department.
Ancient California redwood grove damaged by selfie-seeking visitors to get $3.5 million rescue plan: Until 20 years, ago, the immense redwood trees in the “Grove of Titans,” an ancient forest near the California-Oregon border, had never been cataloged by scientists, written about or photographed. Paul Rogers, Mercury News and Lompoc Record, 12-22-18 
With trails still closed by Woolsey, Hill fires, these 5 local spots are ready for hikers: Santa Monica Mountains took a big hit in the November wildfires as flames ripped through trails and hillsides thick with busy chaparral and coastal sage scrub. Cheri Carlson, VC Star and LA Times, 12-24-18 
First Day paddle, swim at Stone Lagoon: Folks are invited to ring in the new year by paddling, or swimming, across Stone Lagoon. Del Norte Triplicate, 12-22-18 
Planning a visit to the Redwood National Parks? Here’s what’s up with the government shutdown: During the shutdown of the federal government due to the lapse of appropriations, national parks will remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures. Kym Kemp, Redheaded Blackbelt, 12-22-18

Get new Boaters Card to pass ‘Flashlight Test’: On a boat patrol with a sheriff on the delta, we watched the driver of a personal watercraft earn a chance to pass what we called the Flashlight Test. Tom Stienstra, SF Chronicle, 12-27-18 
Start the New Year with a Hike: California State Parks will host the annual First Day Hike on January 1 as part of the First Day Hikes Program organized in all 50 states and Canada, aimed at encouraging people to spend time outdoors. The Independent, 12-27-18 
Christmas king tides ravage Cardiff by the Sea: Christmas Day was not kind to the beaches of San Diego County. San Diego Reader, 12-26-18
Sea lion rescued from Central Coast released back into wild after treatment: A California sea lion that was rescued at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Area in October is now back in the wild. Lindsay Zuchelli, KSBY 6, 12-27-18 
Deadline looms for Grove of Titans fundraiser: A Dec. 31 deadline is looming to raise money for a $3.5 million project to safeguard the Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Del Norte Triplicate, 12-27-18 
10 ways the Southern California coast is changing: Southern California’s coastline has been changing since it was part of the Pangaea supercontinent 300 million years ago, sometimes slowly and sometimes suddenly. Martin Wisckol, The OCR, 12-27-18
America's state parks invite all to First Day Hikes, including 60 in California: America’s state parks want your first steps of 2019 to be on a trail or path — and rangers and volunteers will be on hand to show you the way. Mary Forgione; LA Times, KCET, and ABC7; 12-31-18 
Sonoma List: 5 things you forgot were around the Plaza: Out of the shadows “History hiding out in the open." Sonoma Index-Tribune, 12-27-18 
Take a getaway to Carmel-by-the-Sea: The holiday hustle and bustle is in full gear, so how does a getaway from it all sound? KRON4, 12-30-18 
Woman rams ranger with car, flees from deputies with child aboard: A San Jose woman was arrested Thursday after ramming a California State Parks ranger’s vehicle with her car and then leading police on a short pursuit. Register Pajaronian, 12-28-18
Redwood National and State Parks has slight buffer from shutdown: While reports of overflowing trash cans and restrooms at national parks sweep across the nation, Redwood National and State Parks holds an edge over its trashed counterparts: it’s jointly managed by state and federal authorities. Philip Santos; Redwood Times, Telegraph, and Del Norte Triplicate; 1-2-19
Lake Tahoe has plenty of spooky stories to share: With Lake Tahoe considered one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, many people come here to enjoy the pristine environment and striking beauty its crystal clear water holds. Kayla Anderson, Nevada Appeal, 1-3-19
California Today: The Best Stories From 2018: While you’re still getting situated in the new year, we wanted to take another opportunity to look back at the past 12 months in California. Jill Cowan, New York Times, 1-3-19
California State Parks hosts Paddle or Swim at Stone Lagoon: California State Parks hosts their annual Humboldt Lagoons paddle or swim for New Year’s Day at the Stone Lagoon. Redwood News, 1-1-19
What happened to the monarch butterflies? Pismo Beach grove reports record-low numbers: If you’re planning to check out the monarch butterfly grove this winter, plan to see a lot fewer butterflies than usual. Kaytlyn Leslie, Sac Bee, 1-2-19
Missing person found dead after helicopter search at Montaña de Oro: A missing person was found dead following a Thursday night search at Montaña de Oro State Park, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. Monica Vaughan, The Tribune, 1-3-19
Damaged in the Carr Fire, Shasta State Historic Park is getting ready to reopen: More than five months after they were hauled off as the Carr Fire bore down on Shasta State Historic Park, the rare paintings of California landscapes have been re-hung and the American Indian baskets and mining paraphernalia are back in their display cases. Damon Arthur, Record Searchlight, 1-3-19
The best family and learning events in Sacramento this week: Looking for family-friendly events to keep the kids busy this week? Hoodline, 1-4-19
Jerry Brown’s legacy: Climate, California budget and more: California Gov. Jerry Brown leaves office Jan. 7 after a record four terms as the state's chief executive. KPBS, 1-3-19
Play it back: It was quite a year. Charlie Swanson, Pacific Sun, 1-3-19
Man charged in killing of California dad who was camping with daughters: A burglary suspect was charged Monday with murdering an Irvine father who was camping with his two young daughters in Malibu Creek State Park. CBS News and Sacramento Bee, 1-7-19
UPDATE: Body of missing man found at Montana de Oro State Park: A man whose body was found in a remote area of Montaña de Oro State Park was a Cal Poly student. KSBY6 and Mustang News, 1-4-19
Volunteers, friends and states try to fill the void left by the federal shutdown: In Vicksburg, Miss., the Friends of Vicksburg National Military Park and Campaign are paying $2,000 a day to keep the park open during the federal government shutdown. Michael E. Ruane, Washington Post, 1-3-19
Newsom will move family to California governor’s mansion: Gavin Newsom will move his family to Sacramento when he takes over as California governor next week, bringing children to the historic home for the first time in half a century. Sac Bee, 1-4-19
Flooding, mudslides and snow hit California roads: Flooding, mudslides and snow closed several highways in California over the weekend, with more rain and snow set to hit later in the week. Carma Hassan, CNN, 1-7-19
Monterey County work crews ready Carmel River Lagoon for breach: Crews began work at the Carmel River Lagoon Friday to lower and contour the sandbar at Carmel River State Beach, where the lagoon and ocean waters meet, in an effort to minimize flood potential to the adjacent community. James Herrera, Monterey Herald, 1-4-19
PCH may remain closed until Tuesday due to mudslides and flooding: As rain continues to fall throughout Southern California, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) remains closed in both directions between Las Posas Road in Ventura County and Encinal Canyon Road in Malibu due to flooding and mudslides that occurred Saturday night. Sam Catanzaro, Santa Monica Mirror, 1-7-19
Killer of camping father charged with murder, numerous park area shootings: Tristan Beaudette was camping with his two daughters in 2018 when he was shot in the head and killed. Adam Ruggiero; Gear Junkie, KTVQ, and Red Deer Advocate; 1-7-19   
Large group attends Anderson Marsh Jan. 1 Hike: Lower Lake — Over 120 people visited Anderson Marsh State Historic Park on a clear and sparkling New Year’s Day to participate in the Sixth Annual “First Day Hike” at the Park. Record-Bee, 1-8-19
10 places to visit in California in 2019: The numbers don’t lie: California’s top tourist attractions are bursting at the seams with visitors. David Ferry, SF Chronicle, 1-4-19 
5 under-the-radar cabin sites in far Northern California: If you want to fly under the radar in 2019, set your wings to instead fly off the radar. Tom Stienstra, SF Chronicle, 1-4-19
State reservoirs nearing historical averages for this time of year: After several weeks of dry weather, heavy rain returned to California and the Bay Area, giving our reservoirs and snow pack a needed boost. Charles Clifford, KRON4, 1-7-19 
‘I’m happy to be alive’: Surfer describes terrifying shark attack at Montaña de Oro: For Nick Wapner, Tuesday morning at Montaña de Oro State Park was a typical day of surfing with friends — an activity that’s been his lifelong passion — as he paddled in for one of the last waves of the day off Sandspit Beach. Nick Wilson, Sac Bee, KSBY6, StarTribune, FTW, Merced Sun-Star, and KGET, 1-9-19 
Day 1 is kind to Gavin Newsom: First-day speech gets praise from both parties: Gavin Newsom’s Monday morning inauguration marked the beginning of his tenure in office as California’s 40th governor and lawmakers from both parties used the occasion to wish him well. Claire Morgan, Sac Bee, 1-7-19   
Bridgeport covered bridge work contract approved, restoration to start in spring: Bridgeport's iconic covered bridge, which has been closed to the public for more than seven years, could reopen by the end of 2019. Liz Kellar, The Union, 1-8-19 
Los Gatos man found dead below Davenport cliffs: The coroner identified a 20-year-old man found dead 110 feet below the Davenport cliffs Tuesday morning. Michael Todd, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 1-8-19 
Get cultured for free: Check out 24 Sacramento-area museums as part of Museum Week: Punxsutawney Phil may or may not see his shadow this Groundhog Day, but there will be plenty to see and experience around Sacramento on Saturday, Feb. 2, during Free Museum Day. Daniel Wilson, Sac Bee, 1-9-19
19-year-old surfer escapes great white shark's jaws off California's Central Coast: A surfer was bitten by a shark at Sandspit Beach at Montaña de Oro State Park on California's Central Coast near San Luis Obispo Tuesday morning, State Parks officials confirm. Amy Graff, SF Gate, FOX News, Daily Breeze, and The Tribune, 1-9-19 
Pile burning planned in Morro Bay: Pile burning of downed and diseased woody debris, as conditions allow, will occur between Thursday Jan. 10, and Friday Jan. 11. Paso Robles Daily News and KSBY6, 1-10-19  
19-year-old surfer gets 50 stitches after shark attacks him off California coast: With chunks ripped out of his board and bandages on both of his legs, Nick Wapner described the harrowing moment he was attacked by a shark along California's central coast. Enjoli Francis and Stephanie Fuerte, ABC News, Insider, and Action News Now, 1-10-19
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