Welcome to our Newsletter with highlights from the Spring Term
Dear Parent/Carers,
We have reached the end of a term like no other, and I want to start by passing on my thanks to our whole community - staff, students, parents and carers - for all the amazing work and support that has gone into making the last three months as successful as possible.  

Since January, we have moved from remote learning to being a Covid testing centre to once again being a fully functioning school. This has required staff to be adaptable and develop new skills, a great example of the importance of lifelong learning! The fact that during this period we have still had events and activities taking place, that are worthy of a newsletter, is testament to the hard work and dedication of the whole academy community and in particular the resilience of our staff and pupils.

There will be more challenges ahead as we move into the Summer term and we need to continue to be cautious as we take the first steps in our return to normality. Hands, Face, Space must still be our mantra!  I am sure that you, like me, are looking forward to the improved weather and the greater flexibility for families to see each other.  

Kind Regards,

Phil Cosby

Acting Principal & CEO

Alec Reed Academy

What is Women's History Month?

Every year March is designated to Women's History Month. The month is set aside to honour women's contributions in history.

Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society, and is observed annually in the month of March. Women’s History Month 2021 takes place from 1st March - 31st March.
Women's History Month Competition
Here are some examples of women who have made history over the years!

Malala Yousafzai

She is a human rights activist Malala Yousafzai became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, at the age of 17.
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)
Known as “The Lady with the Lamp,” was a British nurse, social reformer and statistician.

Frida Kahlo

(6 July 1907 – 13 July 1954) She was a Mexican painter

Mary Jane Seacole (1805 - 1881)

She was a British-Jamaican nurse, healer and businesswoman.

Jane Austin (1775 - 1817)

She was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels

Queen Elizabeth I

Her reign from 1558-1603 is sometimes referred to as the Golden Age due to the prosperity it brought for the country.

The deadline for submission to Alec Reed Academy is 30th April 2021.
You are to submit your entries to your safe worker. Entries will be forwarded to the Women’s History Network and the winning designs will  be  used for WHN calendar and/ or merchandise. 

The posters will also be used to create an online Schools Prize exhibition on the WHN website – to see last year’s exhibition go to https://womenshistorynetwork.org/whn-schools-history-prize-2020/  

The winner will receive £250 for their school, a certificate, and copies of the calendar and previous WHN School’s Prize merchandise – mugs, tea towel etc.

History - Online Talk 

6th form History students virtually attended an Ealing Historical Association talk from Prof. David Edgerton, Professor of Modern British History, King’s College London on Tuesday 9 March 2021. The talk was about Prof Edgerton's book ‘The Rise and Fall of the British Nation’. Students found the talk fascinating and were interested in the views of the other members of the association who gave some of their views on this period of history.

ARA Beatstation:

  The Performing Arts Team are so excited to welcome the students back and are back with a bang! We have a new online club called "ARA Beatstation". It is t a Beatmaking extra curricular group where we teach you how to make beats and how to record in your own raps/vocals. We have a fortnightly challenge with the top three tracks being judged and the best track being released on our new and snazzy SoundCloud page and our social media.

This is all about you having FUN and CREATING MUSIC that the students love!

We already have 74 members of the group and have had some great tracks for our first challenge! We will share the best tracks with parents as each challenge is completed.  

Lockdown Musicians 

We would like to congratulate Emilia in Year 9 and Maciej in Year 12 for their outstanding work over lockdown. They both took on the challenge of writing their own music online and impressed us with their dedication and commitment. 
You can hear Emilia's and Maciej's tracks here:
Emilia's Track
Maciej's Track
ARA Orchestra programme

We are thrilled offer the students in Year 7-9 a fantastic opportunity from September 2021. We are looking for students to take part in our new Alec Reed Academy Orchestra programme. The Orchestra programme will offer your child the opportunity to learn an instrument, but also take part in workshops, extra-curricular projects and external trips and events.  

We are seeking the below:  

18 dedicated students who would be interested in learning the Violin or Cello. They will be loaned an instrument for free, will attend the Alec Reed Orchestra for free and will take part in the Modulo programme which links our musicians with other musicians around the country for concerts and events.  

18 dedicated students who would be interested in learning the flute, clarinet or saxophone. They will be loaned an instrument for free, will attend the Alec Reed Orchestra for free and will take part in the Modulo programme which links our musicians with other musicians around the country for concerts and events. 

12 dedicated students who would be interested in learning the trumpet, French horn or trombone. They will be loaned an instrument for free, will attend the Alec Reed Orchestra for free and will take part in the Modulo programme which links our musicians with other musicians around the country for concerts and events. 

If you would like more information about the programme, please contact Mrs Lashmore-Bennett on music@alecreedacademy.co.uk 
Forest School Year 7 - End of Term Round Up

Over the last few weeks, Forest School have been focusing on self-reflection, teamwork challenges and independent tasks. One of the tasks involved collecting materials and to work independently to create a reflective piece on their time in Forest School. It was a valuable and mindful moment allowing everyone to have a quiet grounding minute, whether they chose to create something with their materials or use them for digging. We are so proud of everyone’s efforts during this term and look forward to working with more students over the next term!

World Book Day

On Thursday 4th March, we celebrated World Book Day! Although this year’s celebrations looked a little bit different, we still had lots of fun and shouted about our love of reading. 

We ran three different competitions: our ‘Raise Your Voice’ short story writing competition, a Guess the Book Characters quiz and our annual Dress Up competition. A huge congratulations to all of our winners! 

If you haven’t already, pupils can take a look at our World Book Day assembly on Microsoft Teams. Ms Whitaker gives some great ideas of how reading activities can be used to help us ensure a positive well-being and practice self-care. 

We can’t wait until World Book Day 2022!
Click HERE  to view our competition winners!
Year 7 Science Project

The year 7 students were given a homework assignment as part of their assessments where they had to make a model of a cell (animal cell or a plant cell and a specialised cell). Students were given a list to check their progress, and which also helped them to evaluate the level of their work. This project turned out to be a huge success. Students made 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional models of plant and animal cells as well as specialised cells using various resources including paper, carboards, Lego, jelly, cakes and polystyrene model. This project proved very successful and has improved engagement and enabled individual learning. Students took pride in their project and had fun while learning about key aspect of the science curriculum.
Congratulations to Iskren in Year 7 for winning this Science project!
Alec Reed Academy - End of Term Subject awards
Thursday 1st April 2021
ARA Safeguarding – Useful resources for students & parents
Tackling online hate
Internet Matters have some really good advice to support children and young people, which includes facts and statistics, why hate speech is so dangerous, the law and much more. Very useful to start a discussion between parents/carers and their children. 

You can view the guide HERE

Instagram new safety features
We have been made aware of an interesting new feature being rolled out by Instagram that will hopefully stop adults private messaging persons under the age of 18 (unless the child follows the adult). As you will be aware, your child should be 13 or over to use Instagram. This is verified when an account is created entering a year of birth.

  It is known that many don't put their correct birth year for many different reasons, but this also means that some under 18's will have adult accounts. Instagram are starting to use machine learning to try and predict a user’s account. How effective this will be is unknown at the moment.

Further to this, for adults and children that follow each other, Instagram is introducing a new feature where, if an adult has previously been exhibiting suspicious behaviour, such as sending a large amount of friend or message requests to people under 18, the child will receive a prompt to be cautious.

You can read more about these features HERE

YouTube new parental controls
New controls have been released by YouTube to give parents better filtering management. Previously the only filtering option was 'Restricted Mode' which basically meant videos flagged as 18+ were filtered out.

The new controls are called 'Supervised Experience' there are now filters for:

Explore - 9+
Explore More - 13+
Most of YouTube - all videos except 18+ (the current Restricted Mode)

YouTube released a handy explainer video which you can access HERE.
Children's Mental Health
April is Stress Awareness month and last April the Covid-19 pandemic turned all of our worlds upside down and even the most resilient of people suffered with increased stress levels. 

So, what is stress?

Stress is the body’s natural response to pressure. This response can produce physical and emotional reactions, and can be caused by a number of different situations or life events.

Some common symptoms of stress include (but are not limited to):

Lack of concentration or focus

Aggressive outbursts or becoming irritated with friends and family

Increased heart rate or shortness of breath 

- Dizziness 

- Panic attacks

- Feeling sick

- Low mood

What can you do to reduce your stress?

Talking is the best stress reliever,  there is a saying ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’ and its true,  talk to someone you trust about whatever is making you feel stressed or worried, anxious or sad.  I have talked a lot about reducing the stigma of mental health in general so please keep talking to offload our stress and reduce stigma.

Sleep: make sure you get enough quality sleep,  this is essential for physical and emotional wellbeing,  if you have worries that keep you awake, write them down before you get into bed,   if your thoughts are still  keeping you awake try listening to a sleep story to rest your mind.

Have Fun!: make the time to do what you really enjoy doing, whether it is dancing in the dark, playing games with friends, reading, having a bubble bath or drawing/painting – it doesn’t have to be good (look at some of my artwork in the counselling room, its rubbish!)  but its the process of making artwork that does you good not necessarily the end product. 

Be kind to yourself: It is natural to experience stress, it is part of being human so don’t beat yourself up.    Our self talk can be brutal sometimes so check out the messages you give yourself,  I bet you wouldn’t say those things to a friend?  During stressful times, it can be all too easy to forget to prioritise self-care:  If you really struggle with this, at least start with the basics: eat well, drink more water, and go for a daily walk – urban nature can be as exciting as the countryside,  try looking under a large stone in the park and see what is crawling underneath.

Exercise: Physical activity is the best stress reliever as it releases all of those happy endorphins which will guarantee a lift in your mood.  You don’t have to run, you could dance, skip, copy martial arts moves on YouTube, basketball, get on your bike or even take a neighbour’s dog for a walk.

….. and remember,  I am always around in ST3 if you need a space to talk.  I hope you enjoy the Easter break,  have fun, keep safe, take care of yourselves and each other.
Academy Counsellor
Click HERE to enlarge
This leaflet gives you information on personal hygiene and shaving, along with a voucher  to get a free razor!
Covid home testing explained!
ARA’s Subject Lead in Biology, Mr Cooper, has put together an explainer video on the Covid home testing kits – check it out for some interesting facts about the test kits!
Ealing will be delivering in the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme which is being funded by the Department for Education.

 Funds have been made available to provide free holiday provision, including healthy food and enriching activities!

The programme will cover the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays in 2021. For a minimum of 1 week at Easter, 1 week a Christmas and 4 weeks in the Summer 2021, for 4 days a week for 4 hours per day.  

For more information and to view the Ealing Holiday Activities and Food Programme please click HERE
Foundation Degrees at Alec Reed Academy, returning to face to face teaching as soon as restrictions allow
 The Learning Institute is now recruiting the next cohort of students for the Foundation Degrees at Alec Reed Academy. The Degrees allow students to specialise in Early Years, Health and Wellbeing in Society, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Inclusive Education, as well as the existing Learning and Education pathway. Details are HERE
Since March 2020 all teaching has been online, but the students have continued to study whilst working or home-schooling. The current third year students are completing the research for their dissertations, in order to graduate this year.

  These courses are an excellent CPD opportunity for TAs, support staff or anyone keen to develop their knowledge, understanding and professional practice in the field of education and welfare of young people, potentially with a view to becoming teachers. The course runs one afternoon per week and as a fully accredited university course, is funded through Student Finance England.

  Many previous students have gone on to teacher training, some in their current schools or taken on more responsibility as a result of increased confidence and knowledge of practice. Over 70 students from nearly as many primary and secondary schools have now benefited from study on this course.

  There will be regular information sessions over the coming weeks. Anyone interested can find these through the Learning Institute website Events page HERE

School News App

To keep up with the latest news happening in and around the school, you can download our FREE school new app.
How does the app work?

Firstly, you will need to download the app from either the iTunes App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

Once you have located and downloaded the free app, launch the app and you will then be able to either click on the ‘Find my school’ button which uses the phones GPS to locate all the schools in the surrounding 20 miles, or you can type in the schools postcode and click on ‘Get my school’ button.

Your school's postcode is: UB5 5LQ

You will then see a list of schools that use the app. Click on Alec Reed Academy

You will then be able to click on the ‘News’ button to view all of the latest news items that have been added to the school website.

Uniform Shop

The Academy is operating social distancing and has closed the physical shop until further notice. Parents are asked to use the Academy’s online shop, and information about how to use the online shop is below.
Items can be purchased online through our web site. To see the online shop click here to view and order the uniform.
For detailed measurements for items of uniform please click here. If you need further information or assistance, please email Uniformshop@alecreedacademy.co.uk

Payment should be made by credit or debit card, you do not need a Parent Pay account.

Once orders have been placed online, you will be notified by email when your order is ready. This normally takes 2 to 4 days.
Community Sports Centre

Bookings for outdoor sessions are now open and can be made via the Community Sports Centre email: cscm@alecreedacademy.co.uk

We will have more information regarding the return of indoor sports booking soon. 

Teaching Staff Vacancies
Associate Staff Vacancies 
There are currently no vacancies available under this category
Governor Vacancy
We currently have a vacancy for a parent trustee (governor) in the Secondary Phase of the Academy, applications will be closing on 26th April. 

If would like further details or are interest in applying, please contact the Clerk to the Board of Trustees Rachel.lewis@alecreedacademy.co.uk
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