Updates from the WSMA Annual Meeting and Upcoming Events
Updates from the WSMA Annual Meeting and Upcoming Events

Your October 2019 NEWSLETTER  

Letter from the President

teresa Girolami, MD

KCMS President

Congratulations to the King County Medical Society

This past weekend many of us represented our society at the Washington State Medical Association House of Delegates (WSMA) Annual Meeting.  As the largest delegation, we brought forth many resolutions and had great success in getting them adopted. Our preparation was evident, and our testimony was outstanding. Thank you to all the delegates. 

Some of the advocacy highlights included support of a statewide vaccine database for adults, pharmacies reporting to physicians when a vaccine has been given, increasing gender equity in medicine, reducing firearm injury, climate change, requiring helmets for scooter riders, and amending the B&O tax for physicians, which was adopted as a priority item for the WSMA (this will be lobbied for in Olympia). Placing a PERMANENT Ban on flavored e-cigarettes was adopted and amended by the AMA delegation so they can submit our resolution to the AMA, and we were successful in defeating Resolution B-18 which would have reduced our number of seats in the WSMA Delegation, thus reducing physician input.  

During the weekend, we met many of our colleagues who reside or work in King County and invited them to join us as members. I left the conference feeling very proud of our society, and grateful to all the delegates and members. Special thanks to our staff: Nancy, Reed, and Salem. 

I also want to personally thank everyone for your support of me in being elected as a WSMA trustee.

As I left, I felt there was more work to do; including decreasing our license fees and working on preauthorization reform. I invite all of you to consider going to Olympia this February.

Please reach out anytime and come attend a meeting or event.

Thank you again, everyone.  Great work!      

Teresa Girolami, MD

Letter from the CEO

Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D. 
CEO, King County Medical Society

Greetings to our members,
We just got back from a busy weekend at the WSMA Annual Meeting. I was told that our number of delegates was an all-time high. THANK YOU to you all for your dedication and hard work on behalf of all physicians in King County and across the state. 

I'd like to encourage you to consider attending the two upcoming KCMS events:
 I. On October 23rd at 6 p.m. with Regence as a sponsor, we are offering a FREE evening for female physicians at glassybaby studios.
Attendees don’t have to be members – so I encourage you to bring your female colleagues for an evening filled with food, drink and the opportunity to commune with other female physicians. Held at the glassybaby workshop,  you can watch the artisans work, and walk away with a new glassybaby item! 

Space is limited. For more details, contact Salem Adisu at sadisu@kcmsociety.org.
 II. The King County Medical Society, in collaboration with IntuitiveX, is excited to offer its 1st Annual HealthTech Summit event!
This exciting event will be held on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at the Impact Hub, 220  2nd Ave S. Seattle, from 6-8 p.m. in Seattle. Please CLICK HERE to register.
The goal of the HealthTech Summit is to bring together healthcare professionals and leaders for a conversation about future possibilities in medicine. This FREE immersive event will feature insightful talks and Q & As related to health technology presented by pioneering physicians, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Participants will walk away from the event feeling more connected, informed and inspired to think differently about how the practice of medicine could evolve and the necessary steps to bring those ideas into reality. 

Sponsorship will help assure the success of the HealthTech Summit. PLEASE INQUIRE WITH YOUR EMPLOYER and/or FRIENDS IF THEY MIGHT BE WILLING TO BE A SPONSOR and JOIN US for one or both of these special evenings!

Other Upcoming Events: If you would like to participate in an upcoming Webinar about Preventing Firearm Injuries Among Children and Teens provided for free on October 21st at 8 a.m. Central Time click HERE 

Previous events: We collaborated with the WA - ACP to offer a free CME on Firearm Violence Prevention Training. We had a full house, great speakers and a robust conversation. More FREE CME's coming up!

Thank you for all you do to provide the best possible healthcare for all.

Nancy L. Belcher

Upcoming Events

glassybaby Event 

(email sadisu@kcmsociety.org to register)

HealthTech Summit

(Click HERE to register)

Speaker Series

The KCMS Speaker Series is meeting again on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, from 12 noon - 1 p.m. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Sue Romanick discussing, "Obstacles to the Delivery of Healthcare".  
If you are interested in attending the speaker series, have ideas for speakers, or are willing to present yourself, please email sadisu@kcmsociety.org

Member Updates

Dr. Teresa Girolami, President of King County Medical Society, was elected to serve on the WSMA Board of Trustees by the House of Delegates at the WSMA Meeting this past weekend. Dr. Girolami wants to say, "Thank you to all the delegates and King County Medical Society members who supported in my election to the WSMA Board of Trustees. This was only the second time anyone has won a Trustee position from a floor vote, and it was all due to our strong Delegation! I sincerely thank you". 

Congratulations Dr. Girolami, your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. 

Healthcare Innovation

Joseph Salama, MSc

It seems that no serious dialogue about how to fix America’s healthcare issues is complete without the word “innovation”. And rightfully so, as great innovations reduce cost, improve care, serve more patients, and reduce physician burnout. But what does “innovation” in healthcare look like, exactly?

An “innovation” is an invention that fulfills a need and has an economic benefit. A company innovates by either providing customers with the same product or service at a lower price (Amazon) or creates an entirely new market altogether (Microsoft). These examples of innovation rely on a direct relationship between a customer’s needs and the company that fulfills that need. But, in healthcare, “customers”, or patients, rarely have a direct relationship with their desired outcome – good health.

There are several reasons for this disconnect. First, patients typically don’t want to undergo extensive healthcare tests and interventions. Second, patients rely on the advice of a physician, who has their own needs and barriers in delivering healthcare. Third, physicians, in-turn rely on a  network of secondary and tertiary care providers, pharmacists, hospitals, and payers to determine what level and type of care they CAN provide, each with their own unique, and often conflicting, needs. So while innovation in other industries looks fairly straightforward, it is convoluted in healthcare because of the individual needs of every stakeholder in the chain of purchasing care.

My colleagues and I sought to better understand innovation in healthcare and to determine the attributes of health care delivery that matter most. Our main takeaway (linked below) is that innovating in healthcare isn’t about lower prices or creating new markets; rather, innovation must ease or eliminate tensions between the social needs of healthcare stakeholders. For example, if an idea provides a new method of delivering care, but it does not ease tensions, then it may be just a process improvement and not an "innovation". This doesn't diminish the contribution the idea provides, but rather shows us where more work is needed to deliver on the promise of “innovation”. So, the next time you hear a panelist invoke “innovation” as the solution to healthcare, we hope you take a moment to think about what tensions need to be eased – and why.

Joseph Salama, MSc worked at the UW before becoming a Senior Consultant at Jump Associates. He is also an advisor at the UCSF Health Hub, a digital health accelerator.

Guidance for Evaluating and Caring for Patients with Suspected E-cigarette Associated Lung Injury

E-cigarette associated lung injury has been making headlines across the country. Now might be a good time to review how to care for patients that you think might be affected by it.

In Memoriam


Dr. James Russell Wagner


Dr. Meera Banaji

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