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Happy Holidays from the Dean of Student Affairs!
Happy Holidays from the Dean of Student Affairs!
Tufts Student Life
Mary Pat McMahon
Mary Pat McMahon, Dean of Student Affairs
Dear First-Year Parents and Families,
Greetings from Medford and the Fenway! The last full week of classes is just coming to a close here at Tufts, which means students are busy writing final papers, preparing for Exams and Review Boards, and looking ahead to their well-deserved Winter Break. As we bring Fall 2018 to a close, I’m writing to provide you with some of the highlights from campus life this semester. I’d also like to offer a few quick words about helping your first-year student engage with each opportunity at Tufts once they arrive back on campus for Spring 2019.
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What's Happening Academically

Winter Break and Academic Success

A four-week break from classes can be both a restful and productive time for students. Ideally, they will reflect on their fall semester. You can sit with them and review their grades and courses and ask them for their assessment of how the semester went. As they plan for the spring, they will be able to make changes to their course roster if it is warranted or desired. They can also prepare themselves for spring courses by doing any helpful review of materials or topics they have not seen for a while so they are ready from day one of the semester. You can review with them the resources on campus that can help them be successful – the Academic Resource Center, their instructors and TA’s, staff in the Counseling Center or University Chaplaincy's office, or their Advising Dean. If by chance they have an Incomplete in a course from the fall, they should do everything to complete it before new classes begin. Faculty and staff are accessible via email over the break as well.

Career Corner: Conversations with the Tufts Career Center

Help Your Student Make the Most of Winter Break

Alongside opportunities for rest and rejuvenation, winter break is a great time for students to reflect, research career paths, and refine self-marketing materials. Here are 3 low-stress options:
  1. Check out our newly updated Career Guide: From career competencies to resume writing and sample interview questions, the Tufts Career Guide (PDF) provides a thorough look at the career exploration and planning process. Students can start with a page or two and go from there.
  2. Update Handshake profile: In less than 5 minutes, students can log onto Handshake -- our home for job & internship listings and career events -- to complete their profiles and sign up to receive email alerts when jobs/internships of interest are posted.
  3. Conduct informational interviews: If this sounds intimidating, remind your student that they’re simply short conversations with people whose careers sound interesting. Perhaps someone from the Tufts University Career Network on LinkedIn (or your personal network) would welcome a chat over coffee or a 20-minute phone call? 

Special Opportunities for Spring 2019
FIRST YEARS: A Tufts Career Center Course offered through the EX College  

EXP-0068 Designing Your Tufts: Get Career Ready Through Design Thinking
1 semester hour, Pass/Fail, course runs for 7 weeks -- for more details go to Ex College Courses

SOPHOMORES: Sophomore Career Summit on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

A day of career readiness and networking activities, featuring opportunities to connect with Tufts alumni & other professionals and learn about internship search strategies. Students can get complete details and register here.

Explore Summer at Tufts for exciting opportunities for your whole family!

With approximately 200 online and on-campus courses to choose from this summer, your Tufts’ student can get ahead in their studies or you can pursue an interest or gain skills to enhance your career. For families with high school students, there are a number of unique opportunities to experience college life through our Tufts pre-college programs!
The Tufts pre-college application is now open, and registration for Summer Session opens January 2. Get Started Now.
Explore Summer at Tufts

A Day in the Life: What Happens at Tufts in 24 Hours

There’s a lot happening at Tufts every day. On November 15, we captured all of it. See glimpses of the day — from the mundane moments to the magical — through the #TuftsDayInTheLife hashtag on all the major social media channels. You can also check out all the posts and stories that were submitted on the #TuftsDayInTheLife Tagboard!
View the #TuftsDayInTheLife Tagboard
#TuftsDayIntheLife Tagboard

Dates to Remember

December 10 - Classes Ends

Last Day for AS&E Students to WITHDRAW from Courses and Receive a Grade of W

December 11 - Reading Period

December 12 - Reading Period

Review Boards Begin

December 13Final Examinations Begin

December 14 - 2019-2020 Housing Applications Close on the Housing Portal

December 17 - 2019-2020 Housing Lottery and Waitlist Numbers Emailed to Students

December 20 - Review Boards End

Final Examinations End

December 21 - Residence Halls Close for Winter Break; 12 p.m.

December 24 - No Classes (University Holiday)

December 25 - Christmas Day (University Holiday)

January 1 - New Year's Day (University Holiday)

January 3  -  Fall Term Grades Due Online

January 14 - Residence Halls Open for Spring Semester; 12 p.m.

January 16-  Classes Begin

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3 Quick To Dos

Review Counseling and Mental Health's Tips For Managing Holiday Stress
Check the Final Exam Block Schedule Fall 2018
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