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From the Office of the University Registrar
Hello Hornets!
Beginning TODAY, Tuesday, May 26, you will be able to petition to change your
grade basis!
If you missed the chance to change your grade basis or wish to amend your previous choice, you are now able to request additional changes.

Available Grade Basis Choices are:
Option 1: Traditional Grading Policy (ABCDF) 
Follows the traditional grading policy. 

Option 2: Credit/No Credit 
If you choose Credit/No Credit for a class, the result will not impact your G.P.A.
(There might be considerations for prerequisites or some major classes.
An advisor can guide you if you have questions.)

Option 3: Letter Grade/No Credit 
ABC/No Credit (For Undergraduate level courses)  
•  An (A, A-),( B+, B, B-), (C+, C, C-) grade will count towards GPA, 
a No Credit (NC) for the course will not count towards GPA. 
AB/NC (For Graduate level courses)
•   An (A, A-), (B+, B, B-) grade will count towards GPA, 
a No Credit (NC) will not count towards GPA.

The link to fill out the petition to change your grade basis will be available on the Coronavirus Information for Students website under Change Your Grade Basis. Be sure to read through the FAQs to fully understand what the change in grade basis might mean for your unique situation and/or consult with your department chair, faculty advisor, or academic advisor.
Graduating Seniors: If you are graduating in Spring 2020, you must submit your petition to change your grade basis by Friday, June 5th. Once your degree is awarded, changes cannot be made.
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