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November 2015

To empower people to restore relationships and break the destructive cycles of abuse and addiction through the hope and healing made possible by Christ's love and quality treatment.  
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 Dear Member,
Season’s greetings from all of us at Advent!  We understand how quickly the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities come upon us.  No sooner than we are done carving pumpkins  and passing out candy are we unpacking decorations and preparing to embrace the holidays. Wherever you are during this joyous time of year, we wish you and your family the blessings of the Lord during this season of giving!
Gifting through our Aaron’s Angels project is a perfect way to share the spirit of generosity.  This fundraising campaign not only offers Advent a tremendous opportunity to impact our programs, but is also a part of a matching grant challenge. This means that every financial contribution made between now and the end of the year will be DOUBLED!  That means you’ll be giving twice as much love through each gift!  Not only will you be helping a program of your choice with an amount of your discretion, but your gift will be matched providing our programs with the essential resources needed to support treatment and help make transformations possible. Our goal for this challenge is to raise $50,000.  We graciously ask that you please join us in making this a reality!
The heart of Aaron’s Angels comes from Numbers 6:22-27. During the years of desert wandering after the Hebrews were led out of captivity, God's blessing came through a mediator named Moses and his assistant, Aaron.  Aaron’s Angels is an initiative our agency is using to help display God’s love to His children.  This project gives you the opportunity to become a much-needed mediator to our clients.  By becoming a supporter of Aaron’s Angels, you also become God’s intercessor in Advent’s mission. 
We sincerely hope you decide to become an “angel” this magical season.  Additionally, if you are interested in other ways of giving to our organization during this special time of year, we have a place for you!  We are always open   to have a supporter adopt one of our homes for the holidays.  You can provide a dinner for Thanksgiving or donate Christmas gifts!  Either of these opportunities would be appreciated by the clients living in our homes as many of them have not had a chance to celebrate the holidays in the way most of us have.
There are several ways you can make this holiday season extra special. Whichever option you choose is gratefully received! If you are interested or have questions, please contact Christina Gonzalez, at 408-281-0708 x125 or
Christina Gonzalez
Director of Resource Development 
To learn more about Aaron’s Angels, please visit: and click on the Aaron’s Angels tab.
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