November 5, 2020
NOVEMBER 5, 2020
Dear Members,
This week has been a whirlwind as we closely monitor the results from the General Election. There are still approximately 400,000 uncounted ballots statewide which will determine the balance of power at the Arizona State Legislature, the final decision on Proposition 208 and also the winner of the Presidential race.
With the assistance of our Government Affairs team Molera Alvarez, we have dedicated this industry newsletter to the latest election results. Below you will find a comprehensive overview of where high profile races currently stand as of today.
We will keep you apprised of any major updates throughout the next few days. 

Kim Grace Sabow
President & CEO

We are only a few days away from the 2020 Doug Yonko Memorial Golf Tournament at the Phoenix Country Club on Monday, November 9th. In addition to naming our annual golf tournament in Doug’s honor, AzLTA is also proud to announce the launch of a new industry scholarship also in his name.
U.S. President
Too close to call has been a phrase we’ve heard a lot the past 48 hours. The fate of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden rests on a handful of states that continue to count ballots which includes Arizona.
Joe Biden is currently leading President Trump in Arizona: Biden: 50.49% Trump: 48.14%.

 U.S. Senate
This race was called yesterday morning with Mark Kelly winning with 52.11% against Senator Martha McSally who currently has 47.89% of the vote.
Arizona leaders like U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema have congratulated Mark Kelly on his victory. McSally has yet to concede waiting for the remaining ballots to be counted.

U.S. House of Representatives
All incumbents in the Arizona Congressional delegation are currently leading their opponents with most races called. Congressman David Schweikert is in the closest race against Hiral Tipirneni: David Schweikert – 50.88% v Hiral Tipirneni. 

Ballot Propositions
Proposition 207: Smart and Safe Arizona: This Act will legalize marijuana for personal use in Arizona for adults 21 years and older. There will be a 16% excise tax on marijuana sales to fund community colleges, infrastructure, public safety, and public health programs. A similar effort in 2016 was rejected by 51% of the vote.
Results: Proposition 207 passed with 59.85% in favor and 40.15% opposed.  

Proposition 208: Invest in Education Act: This Act establishes a 77.7% tax increase on taxable income above $250,000 annually for single filers and taxable income above $500,000 annually for married persons filing jointly or head of household filers; dedicates additional revenue to (a) hire and increase salaries for teachers, classroom support personnel and student support services personnel, (b) mentoring and retention programs for new classroom teachers, (c) career training and post-secondary preparation programs, (d) Arizona Teachers Academy.
Results: Proposition 208 has not been called and currently has 52.21% in favor and 47.79% in opposition.

Arizona Legislature
As it stands currently, the Arizona House still has a 31-29 Republican majority and the Arizona Senate now has a 16-14 Republican majority.

Senate Results
LD6 – Wendy Rogers v Felicia French 
While French had an initial lead over Rogers, there is now a 7-point lead in Rogers' favor: Rogers - 53.71% v French - 46.29% 
LD17 – JD Mesnard v AJ Kurdoglu 
Mesnard currently holds a slight lead over Kurdoglu of about 3,388 votes:
Mesnard - 51.49% v Kurdoglu – 48.51% 
LD20 – Paul Boyer v Douglas Ervin
Incumbent Boyer is leading by around 1,935 votes: 
Boyer – 51.12% v Ervin – 48.88%
LD28 – Kate Brophy McGee v Christine Marsh 
LD28 is not as close as it was in 2018 with Marsh leading by 5-points: 
Brophy McGee – 48.56% v Marsh – 51.44%

Arizona House
LD4 – Fernandez v John v Peten 
While incumbent Fernandez leads this race, Republican candidate John is currently ahead of incumbent Peten in what is a historically Democrat district: Fernandez – 39.63% v John – 31.32% v Peten – 29.05%
LD6 – Blackman v Barton v Evans
Incumbent Blackman is currently in the lead followed by very close margins between former Representative Barton and Flagstaff Mayor Evans:
Blackman – 28.39% v Barton – 26.04% v Evans – 25.89% 
LD17 – Pawlik v Weninger v Harris
Incumbent Pawlik holds the strongest lead followed by Republican Incumbent Weninger and Republican running mate Harris: 
Pawlik – 34.54% v Weninger – 33.05% v Harris – 32.41% 
LD20 – Schwiebert v Bolick v Kern
Democrat Schwiebert holds the strongest lead followed by incumbents Bolick and Kern, therefore, losing a Republican seat: 
Schwiebert – 35.36% v Bolick – 33.06% v Kern – 31.58% 
LD21 Pingerelli v Payne v Knecht
Republican candidate Pingerelli is in the lead followed by a very close race between incumbent Payne and Democrat candidate Knecht:
Pingerelli – 35.46% v Payne – 32.71% v Knecht – 31.83%

Phoenix City Council
Phoenix Mayor: Incumbent Mayor Kate Gallego was re-elected to a full term
District 1 – Ann O’Brien (30,099 – 53%)  won against Dave Siebert (26,737 – 47%)
District 3 – Runoff between Councilwoman Debra Stark (28476 – 48%) and Nicole Garcia (20,232 – 34%)
District 5 – Vice Mayor Betty Guardado was re-elected (25,781 – 68%)
District 7 – Runoff between Yassamin Ansari (13,154 – 33%) and Cinthia Estela (12,905 – 32%)
*All elected take office April 19, 2020; run-off election will be held March 9, 2021

Mayoral Election
Gilbert – takes office in January 2021
Mayor – Brigette Peterson (58,179 - 58%), Matt Nielsen (41,591 - 42%)
Scottsdale – takes office January 5, 2021
Mayor – David Ortega (85,961 – 48%) , Lisa Borowski (65,961 – 40%)
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