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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #10
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #10
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Fall 2021 #10

November 1, 2021

HST 270 Study Tour to Poland

by Meta Hoge and Maddie Kelley, MUDEC newsletter interns
Over the past week, students in the HST 270 (The Rise and Fall of Hitler) class went on their study tour to Oswiecim and Krakow in Poland. The trip was full of information about WWII and what life in Poland was like during the war.
On Monday morning, students visited Auschwitz on a guided tour through exhibits about the concentration camp constructed in the former barracks. After a break for lunch, the group then went to Auschwitz-Birkenau for another tour walking around the remains of the camp. One guide gave both tours and emphasized the importance of honoring the people who died there and how future generations need to be educated about the Holocaust so that another doesn’t happen.
On Tuesday, the students gathered in the hotel conference room for the screening of Schindler’s List. The Spielberg movie focuses on Oskar Schindler, a man who saved over 1,000 Jews during the Holocaust. Even though this movie is brutal and emotional, it was a very accurate depiction of what happened over 70 years ago. The students spent the next day visiting the sites where the movie was filmed, as well as the ghettos and Schindler’s factory museum. One of the larger exhibits in the museum was a structure of pots and pans that the Jewish employees made during their time employed by Schindler. This was a great place to pay tribute to those who survived but also those who died.
On Thursday afternoon, the students had the opportunity to meet a concentration camp survivor, a woman named Lidia Maksymowicz who was in Auschwitz as a child. Maksymowicz described her time in the camp and how the experience shaped who she became. She also talked about how it is important for her to tell her story to further educate people.
While on the study tour, students also visited the old town of Krakow, the Wielicka salt mine, and different churches including the St. Mary's Church and Black Madonna Sanctuary. They attended a Jewish dinner accompanied by traditional Jewish music.
To wrap up the trip, students visited the Ogrodzieniec Castle on Saturday morning before departing for their various All-Saints break destinations.
Schindler factory plaque Gate of Auschwitz Distant view of the castle

All Saint’s Break in Athens, Greece

by Hannah Horsington, MUDEC newsletter intern
Hannah in front of the acropolis
After finishing up our study tours, five other students and I took the opportunity to travel onward for our All Saint’s Break, and we decided to go to Athens, Greece! Instead of traveling to multiple different cities or countries, we chose to stay in Athens for the entire week, treating the trip as a sort of vacation from our regular routine of classes and weekend trips.
After arriving in Athens late Saturday night, we spent Sunday catching up on sleep, stocking up on groceries and enjoying the warm weather. On Monday morning, we headed to the Acropolis (which we could see from our balcony) and visited monuments such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Erechtheion. Afterwards, we explored the Acropolis Museum before taking some time to wander around the city.
On Tuesday, two members of our group took a trip to Mount Pelion to hike and spend the day outside admiring the view. The rest of us took the opportunity to do some shopping and pick up a few souvenirs before heading to the beach for the afternoon! We spent the entire day on Wednesday exploring Greece as we took a trip to Kythnos, an island not far from Athens. We spent our day exploring the island and its beaches.
We spent the rest of the week relaxing on the beach, visiting museums and exploring Athens.  All of us agreed that we were very happy with our decision to stay in one place all week, as we felt that we really had a chance to explore and learn more about the city. We cooked dinner in our apartment, played games, tried local restaurants (and fell in love with a few), and spent our time just enjoying our “vacation”.
Distant view of the city and mountains Acropolis Boats in the harbor
Acropolis beach and shoreline Sea glass, shells, and rocks

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