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Bubbly Ad Team Wrecks Havoc for Sparkling Ice

Nothing goes better with Bread n Butter than Sparkling Ice, as evident in the new campaign directed by kaboom’s erik moe. It’s a comedic take on the advertising industry where an effervescent duo seeks original ways to sell Sparkling Ice. A music video, spinning prize wheels, and viral stunts – all make their boss think WTF. That’s what the flavor, people.
According to Tommy Hernandez, Creative Director: “Working with kaboom was to have a true partner in the creative process from start to delivery. Erik’s passion for comedy and talent in eliciting amazing performances were not only essential, but made the experience as fun as what you see on the screen.” 

Love+Medicine = Amazing Connections

kaboom and director michele atkins reunited with agency Preston Kelly on a fourth annual Love + Medicine campaign for Gundersen Health System. The campaign takes inspiration from real patient stories whose lifestyle changes are central to a happier, healthier existence. atkin’s directorial approach, observational and naturalistic, imbues each spot with a sense of welcoming and warmth. This year’s campaign also includes companion pieces, 15 second spots that offer additional vantage points on health: a cyclist’s eye view, the Zen of meditation, and a smoothie recipe brought to life with stop motion.

“Our clients at Gundersen Health wanted to take their Love + Medicine up a notch to create a community health movement in their market,” according to Preston Kelly ECD Chris Preston. “michele’s understanding of the humanity in everyday acts has helped turn what could be pretty standard health care advertising into something emotional that actually touches our audience.” 

No Tricks for director doug werby 

Inspired by real events, “No Tricks,” produced and directed by doug werby, is a story of kindness in a complicated world in which one surprising act in the face of a robbery changes the lives of those involved.  For visual storyteller werby, the film marks his foray into scripted drama, one that is centered on compassion in a fraught time. Look for the short film in upcoming festivals. 

“I’m a visual storyteller,” says werby. And it shows. “My dream has always been to direct filmed stories, scripted and crafted dramas.” The timing of this release could not be better. “We're currently experiencing a golden age in television,” he says. “There are so many great stories being created for a wealth of platforms!”
No Tricks shows what’s possible when the stars align for a filmmaker with the talent, experience and crew support to tell a great story.

director michele atkins finds SWEET MERCY 

michele atkins short film SWEET MERCY was inspired by time volunteering at a dance for persons with learning and physical disabilities. Sweet Mercy's lead character, Fuzzy, is a person with Down’s syndrome. His brother, Harold, struggles for the answers to change and happiness. Fuzzy naturally looks on the bright side; always finding the hope in hopeless situations. Harold’s agony enables him to receive it. Their love, although complicated, is the connecting point. 
As with all of michele’s projects, the prep and shoot for SWEET MERCY involved careful planning from vetting the script at different writer groups, to casting and scouting to find the right fit for her vision. The result is a riveting character study and a story of complicated brotherly love. Stay tuned for where to view this passion project. 
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