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May 2017
Manage Your Finances as a Caregiver
An estimated 43.5 million adults in the United States provide unpaid care to an adult or child, and about 34.2 million of those Americans provide unpaid care to someone age 50 and older. 
If you are starting your caregiving journey, it is essential that you remember to take care of yourself both emotionally and financially.
Your financial stability comes first.   Try to identify how this new arrangement will impact your finances. Will you be driving more frequently? Will you be purchasing more food? Create a budget for yourself and your loved one to make sure your financial needs are met.
Consider the pros/cons before cutting or changing work hours. Before leaving a full-time position, explore ways of working reduced hours or part-time hours with your employer. 
Don’t take on unmanageable debt for yourself. With your earning power cut as a caregiver, it may be very tempting to put expenses for a loved one or yourself on a credit card. If you do so, keep balances low and take advantage of low-interest offers.

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