Join your fellow Jumbos on facebook!
Join your fellow Jumbos on facebook!
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Join the Class of 2024 Facebook Group
May 4, 2020
Join the official Facebook group for Tufts Class of 2024. This group is for you—to meet your classmates, ask questions, and learn more about Tufts. This group is set as closed, meaning other Facebook members can see that you’re a part of it but not what you’ve posted. We hope this allows you to openly share your thoughts, interests, questions, and anything else you'd like to discuss with your classmates. 

If you've been accepted into the Tufts University Class of 2024, request access to the group and one of our admins will confirm your acceptance and add you as soon as possible. If your Facebook name is different than the name you applied with, please message an admin with the name you applied with and we'll add you as soon as possible. Note that only members of the class of 2024 may join this group. Parents may join the Tufts Parents group.
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