We're providing you with important reminders about the health requirements.
We're providing you with important reminders about the health requirements.
Tufts Student Life
JUNE 23, 2021
Dear Incoming Students and Families: 
Congratulations and welcome to Tufts University! We're writing today to provide you with important reminders about the health requirements you need to complete prior to your entry to the University community.

Mandatory Health Requirements

Students must log in to the Patient Portal using their Tufts University username and password. Once there, they will be prompted to complete the following:
  • Pre-Entrance Medical History 
  • TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Required Immunizations Form (enter immunizations and upload documentation)
The total estimated completion time for the waiver process is 40 minutes or less. Before logging in, have the following documents ready:
  • Most recent scanned and legible copy of the health form detailing the vaccines and dates (month and year) of immunizations.
  • Scanned and legible copy (front and back) of the health plan membership card.
Students must complete these items by July 1, 2021. As a reminder, all your health requirements as an incoming student are listed on their New Student Checklist 2021.
For more information on these and other requirements, please visit our web page for New Students
For assistance navigating the Patient Portal or general inquiries, contact us at 617-627-3350. 

Proof of Health Insurance

Students are required to purchase either the Student Health Insurance plan or waive the charge with proof of comparable coverage through a U.S.-based insurance company. This process must be completed yearly, as long as the student is enrolled at Tufts. Some insurance plans that market themselves to graduate students and international students do not meet requirements of comparable coverage, so it is important to review the requirements carefully. The Health Service Business Office is happy to assist in this review if students have any questions or concerns.
  • If the insurance plan meets these requirements, the student may waive the insurance charge every year through the Bills & Balances tab on the SIS Portal between June 1 and July 31, 2021. (Parents and guardians my be provided with Invited Viewer Access to a student's SIS account, which allows them to complete the waiver on a student's behalf.)
  • In order to provide Tufts with private health plan information, please enter the information and upload a digital copy of the membership card (front and back) into the Patient Portal under the "Insurance" tab. We also recommend students store a picture of the membership card (front and back) and keep it someplace accessible.
Please feel free to contact our Insurance Coordinator at 617-627-5176 or studenthealthinsurance@tufts.edu with questions.
A Note on "Universal Consent"
It is Health Service's policy not to accept blanket unlimited advance permission to discuss all medical matters. Health Services is prohibited from disclosing health information without a student’s express consent. You can learn more about this policy on the portion of our website that outlines patient confidentiality.
Again, welcome to Tufts!

Michelle D. Bowdler, MSPH
Executive Director, Health and Wellness Services
Marie Caggiano, MD, MPH
Medical Direcor, Health and Wellness Services
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