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Tips and Resources
Now that you've had some time to start working in the new Loan Commitment System, check out these helpful tips and answers to some common questions. 
System Guides
We have guides with step-by-step instructions and screen shots to assist you with the new system. Check out our new commitment system page for guides and resources including:
Quick Tips
  • After the web administrator adds a new user in the system, they will need to exit the system and log back in to see the added user.
  • If you see an error message when you try to log into the system or if the spinning circle icon appears and the system freezes, follow these troubleshooting steps.
  • Save early so the loan receives a loan number. Save often so you do not lose information.
  • If the browser's zoom is set to more than 100%, some of the fields may not display. Reset to 100% by going to Settings > Zoom in Internet Explorer.
  • Enter the borrower(s)' eligibility income, not Minnesota Housing's income limit, in the Annual Program Eligibility Income field.
  • Enter 0 in the Case Number field if you do not yet have the FHA case number. 
  • Complete all applicable information in all screens before you Run Eligibility on the Product Validation screen.
  • To see why products are invalid, click the arrow next to the product to view the list of errors. You’ll find similar arrows throughout the system; click them to see more information.
  • When accessing loan documents through Order Documents, leave the Document Type set to Internal.
  • When making updates to a loan, access the Wizard under the Loan Summary screen by clicking the dots next to the Product field.
Contact Us...We're Here to Help!
All hands are on deck at Minnesota Housing to help you commit loans in the new system! Our customer service team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 
Here's how to reach us with your questions: 
  • By Phone: 651.296.8215 or 800.710.8871. Select Option 5 for loan commitment system questions. 
  • By You will get a response within two hours. 
If you have questions about your system permissions, contact your web administrator. 
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