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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #13
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2021 #13
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Fall 2021 #13

November 22, 2021

A Weekend in Brussels

by Hannah Horsington, MUDEC newsletter intern
Hannah in Brussels
After weeks of traveling every weekend, and 16 straight days of traveling during study tours and All Saint’s break, I wanted to take a more laid-back trip last weekend. I decided to head to Brussels, Belgium, one of the easiest places to get to from Luxembourg! Trains to Brussels run almost every hour, and most are a direct three hour trip. It’s rare for MUDEC students to travel by train and not have to switch trains at least once, so this was a nice, easy journey!
Since Brussels is only a few hours away, we were able to leave on Saturday morning and still spend the whole afternoon and evening exploring the city. After checking in at the hotel, we headed downtown to see some of the city and visit a few bakeries and candy stores. I knew that chocolate was very popular in Belgium, but I was still surprised by just how many chocolate shops we passedthere had to have been one on every corner!
After some exploring, we headed towards the Grand Palace to see one of the most picturesque squares in Brussels. We made sure to get all the traditional Belgian foods at dinner, including french fries and waffles!
On Sunday morning, we got up and immediately headed to the Choco Story chocolate museum, where we also attended a chocolate making workshop! The workshop was well worth the small extra entrance fee, as everyone got two piping bags full of melted chocolate to make as many chocolate bars and lollipops as we wanted. I left with a small gift bag full of Belgian chocolate, and it was one of my favorite experiences so far! Afterwards, we toured the museum, which showcases the origin of Belgian chocolate and the history of chocolate production all over the world.
Hannah holds up a chocolate Hannah making chocolate
After some more shopping and a quick lunch, we headed back to the train station and made our way home. Most weekend train tickets to and from Luxembourg City/Brussels do not have a specific time, so you can get on any train during the chosen day. It was nice to have this flexibility in our plans, and a flexible trip overall. While some weekends are packed full, we intentionally left this short one-night trip open to allow for an easier and less tiring weekend.

ART 188 Field Trip

by Meta Hoge, MUDEC newsletter intern
LeCorbusier apartment hallway
On Nov. 12, students in the ART 188 took the class’s second field trip to Briey and Metz, France. The trip was dedicated to seeing modern art and architecture.
In Briey, students visited the Unite d’habitation, a housing unit built by the Swiss-French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier’s intention was to form a cohesive community by designing structures where people could live, work, play and shop all in the same building. The unit in Briey is one of five that he built in France and Germany.
The apartments in Le Corbusier’s design each have a kitchen and living room with either an upper level or lower level where the bedrooms and bathroom are. Students were able to see an apartment decorated with furniture from the sixties to show Le Corbusier’s original vision, plus an apartment that is more modernized.
After lunch and an hour bus ride to Metz, students visited the Centre Pompidou-Metz, a museum with different exhibits on modern art. The building itself is famous for its roof structure, composed of convex and concave curves meant to resemble a woven Chinese hat. It was built with a mesh structure of two layers of glue laminated timber with a waterproof protective covering on top made of fabric, fiberglass and teflon.
Students saw two of the exhibits during their museum visit. The first, titled “Arcimboldo Face to Face,” is named after Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a 16th-century artist. Arcimboldo's work, which deviates from the traditional portrait painting before his time, has influenced art history for centuries. The exhibit is a selection of 250 works by 130 artists inspired by Arcimboldo’s techniques.
“Writing is Drawing” was the name of the second exhibit. The idea for this exhibition came from Etel Adnan, a poet and artist from Lebanon. Her interest in writing and different languages encouraged the basis of her artwork, “leporellos,” which are folding leaflets. Adnan pays tribute to poets all over the world in by painting and writing in the leporellos. The exhibit also featured works by other contemporary artists and writers who combine writing and imagery.
The field trip ended with a discussion on the bus ride back to Differdange about the different artwork and architecture the students saw.

Trivia Night at the Château

by Maddie Kelley, MUDEC newsletter intern
This past Wednesday night, the SFC hosted one of their last events of the semester. Students gathered in the Grand Hall for a trivia night! In teams of up to five members, students worked together to show off their trivia knowledge.
There were a total of 10 unique categories, each with 10 questions that varied in difficulty:
  • movies that took place in Europe
  • TikTok trends
  • song lyrics
  • staff selection
  • SFC members
  • travel
  • Miami
  • regional foods
  • Luxembourg
  • US Current Events.
Not only did each team get to show off their strengths, but they also got to learn a few new facts about Luxembourg and Europe in general.
Score cards were collected after each round and points were tallied. Halfway through the game, the progress was announced. This helped push those teams with lower scores to use everything they had for the last five rounds. The night quickly got heated and competitive, since each team was just a few points behind the next.
When the final timer went off, announcing that the score cards would be collected for the final time, each group crossed their fingers for a few more points to help pull them through. The suspense was building until, finally, the scores were in. Obviously there had to be a winning team with a few losing teams, but each group had a great time working together and competing against each other.
Congratulations to the winning team of Meta, Laney, Gabby, Nick and Noah!
MUDEC students love all the events that SFC puts together and it is obvious how much time and effort they put into each event!

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