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Our focus has changed - A refined business model for greater results

At 6P Marketing, we know that a focused approach is a major key for business success. Currently in Winnipeg, there are over 22 businesses featuring the words “West End” or “Polar” in their name. We have had the great pleasure of working with four of these companies:

Polar Furnace West End Tire Polar Bear Spray Foam West End Raiators

In fact, our experience with these clients has been so positive that we are refining our business model to focus solely on companies with “West End” or “Polar” in their names.

Don’t have West End or Polar in your company name? 
We are happy to accommodate your needs! For example:

Protegra > Polartegra
Mulvey Flea Market > West End Flea Market
Number 10 Archetectural > Number 10 Polartectural Group
Huron > Westend
Scatlif + Miller + Murray > West + End + Polar
Ibex Payroll > Westend Payroll
Zoomfone > Polarfone
Teshmont > Westmont
Stafford Dental Group > Polar Dental Group

We are excited about the growth opportunity this presents, both for our firm and our clients, and will be in touch with you shortly to discuss how our newfound focus can help you achieve your business goals.

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