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Learn how Desert Aire helps customers get “on the mark” as it provides dehumidifiers and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems. Click:
When it comes to dehumidification, you want to work with a company that isn't just acquainted with dehumidification, but that KNOWS dehumidifcation.

That's Desert Aire!

Desert Aire's in-depth understanding and application expertise provides unequaled support in choosing and installing dehumidification and DOAS solutions correctly. They've taken this knowledge and developed an amazing guide to understand natatoriums and how to apply the appropriate equipment.  
A Guide to an Integrated HVAC System Design for the 21st Century Natatorium

SelectAire  Series

Installed indoors or outdoors, Desert Aire’s SelectAire™ (SA) Systems offer you complete humidity and air quality control, exhaust air energy recovery and automatic air balancing for large-scale moisture removal applications, including indoor pools, water parks, natatoriums and warehouses.

TotalAire Series

Desert Aire's TotalAire™ Series DOAS solutions offer you the most flexibility for matching code ventilation requirements to your building types and locations, including office buildings, hotels and motels, educational environments, restaurants and medical facilities.

Aura Series

Desert Aire's Aura™ Series DOAS solutions help ensure proper indoor air quality and comfort while addressing moisture, cooling and heating loads – as well as recovering and saving energy – for IAQ-critical applications including office environments, hotels/motels, school buildings and medical/nursing facilities.
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