Bruna Campos - EU Marine & Fisheries Policy Officer
Plastics are ruining our oceans. So is unsustainable fishing. Seeing clear blue waters made vile by plastic bags and cups, food wrappers and straws is absolutely revolting. Let us propose even more horrific and yet ordinary, daily seashore events. Simply turning up at a beach clean-up won’t “save the ocean”.  Read more...
The western Mediterranean’s tremendous natural beauty is a marine marvel that fulfils most of our fantasies of summer idylls. Our scientific and conservation work at BirdLife warns us, however, of the now severe effects of current fishing practices. Their tremendous impact could well destroy the very essence of what we now treasure.
New stopover site discovered! A count conducted by our Turkish partner Doğa Derneği showed that more than 15,000 Great White Pelicans stop off at the Karacabey Floodplain to roost and feed during their spring migration. 

Four new marine protected areas in the Baltic sea were proposed by Sweden. But, what at first glance seemed to be a noble action from an environmentally conscious government, soon turned into a complicated, ugly tale.
Around 25% of European fishing activities take place outside European waters, including in West and Northern Africa. There, the pressure put on marine life and ecosystems due to fishing activities is just as alarming and devastating as within the EU.
Turtles at mercy in European waters
Wetland area in Montengro at risk to be replaced by luxury hotel
Commission chooses less paperwork over saving marine environment
Bright coastal lights are putting Young Yelkouan Shearwaters in danger.
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