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Urgent! Commitment System Issues 
The Minnesota Housing Loan Commitment System has been experiencing issues on some loans because of our system upgrade on August 8, 2020.  

We Need Your Help: If you are experiencing abnormal issues or errors in the Minnesota Housing Loan Commitment System or when generating forms, please contact Tonya Taylor at tonya.taylor@state.mn.us or 651-296-8844. Communicating these issues allows us to assist with your transaction and, most importantly, identify needed system fixes.

Examples of errors include:
  • Inability to update, lock, or true and certify your loan. The Mortgage Type in the Product Validation screen should default to Portfolio, sometimes the Product Type will be set to Conventional, please ensure that you select Portfolio as the Mortgage Type when you are locking RLP and ELP loans.
  • Missing Minnesota Housing loan number on the Minnesota Housing Loan Commitment Notification (see example, below). As a work-around, write in the Minnesota Housing loan number by hand, or copy and paste it into the PDF.
RLP/ELP Process Reminders

To request an approval for the improvements of an ELP loan, please remember to complete the following:

Request approval of the improvements using the Improvement Approval Worksheet that can be found on the Minnesota Housing website in the RLP/ELP Forms Guide & Glossary. Please be sure to submit all required documents listed on the form to tonya.taylor@state.mn.us. Once Minnesota Housing approves the improvements, you will receive an approval letter via email. After the loan is approved, lock the loan in the loan commitment system. Please notify Tonya Taylor when the loan has been locked and repairs and funds information has been entered into the Loan Commitment System.
Please note, prior to sending pre-close review documents to Minnesota Housing for review, the RLP loan status must be listed as Registered and the lock status must be listed as Locked or Lock Extended in the Loan Commitment System.
Contact Tonya Taylor at 651.296.8844.
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