Efficiently generating hot and cold water is important to controlling costs
Efficiently generating hot and cold water is important to controlling costs
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Efficiently generating hot and cold water is important to controlling costs and energy. While most buildings rely on separate equipment and traditional technology for heating and cooling, it often leads to wasted energy and higher operating and installation costs. For some, geothermal is the answer for achieving high levels of energy efficiency; however, it requires substantial infrastructure that’s not always feasible. To fill this gap and deliver only the energy needed, and nothing more, ClimaCool introduces an industry leading modular chiller that harnesses both air and water to achieve simultaneous heating and cooling, without geothermal.
Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

Three modes of operation: added flexibility without compromise

The product, referred to as the Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Air Cooled Heat Pump with Integral Water to Water Heat Recovery, deepens ClimaCool’s modern approach to modular chillers and extends 
the company’s broad line of chillers. By offering all the benefits of geothermal, without the need for geothermal well fields or other source/sinks, ClimaCool’s new chiller eliminates compromises and offers a new level of design flexibility in how it can be configured and applied. The chiller operates in three modes: cooling, heating or heat recovery allowing buildings to harness energy already being produced, but not used. The chiller’s unique design only uses what’s needed, further eliminating energy waste.
It's time to wake up to the surprising benefits of modular chillers.

True redundancy eliminates downtime and simplifies maintenance.

Unlike traditional chillers, the modular chiller is designed with separate electric feeds, providing true redundancy so the chiller is never offline, even during routine maintenance. With the separate feeds,individual modules within the chiller bank can be taken offline for servicing, expansion or replacement, without impacting system performance. The simple design and off-the-shelf components eliminates the need for factory service techs, allowing easier maintenance by service contractors. Its outdoor design also requires a small footprint in applications where geothermal may have been a consideration. 
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