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December 7, 2021

In photos: Highlights from APEX/IFSA EXPO 2021
APEX/IFSA Awards return and highlight innovation
LATAM adds HBO Max to IFE 

JetBlue names new VP Inflight Experience
Airport Dimensions and Ambaar Lounge open lounge at Viracopos International Airport
Plane Talking Products unveils plastic-free air sickness bag
Moment adds IFE platform to Malaysia Airlines fleet
OneWeb and GDC Advanced Technology sign joint development agreement
Corny but classy new look for Indulge crunchy corn nibbles
Buzz launches All Good Things amenity kit at IFSA EXPO 2021
AVIC launches inflight hygiene innovations
SmartSky Networks to offer IdeaNova Intouch and Inplay services,-explore/#.Ya-pXy_71pQ
Anuvu launches content library, Explore
Fly Baghdad taps Moment for wireless IFE
Servy expands into Canada

 LAST WEEK'S TOP STORIES,-says-panel/#.Ya-qWS_71pQ
Sustainability efforts need stressing, says panel
Battling though tough times’s-ife-bluetooth-solution-wins-award-in-aerospace/#.Ya-q6y_71pQ
Panasonic’s IFE bluetooth solution wins Popular Science award
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