Hassle-free ideas to keep your dog busy, training tips, and more....
Hassle-free ideas to keep your dog busy, training tips, and more....
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Hello, Fellow Dog Lovers!
It's almost time to go home! After a fabulous week in Finland, I'm now back in the UK wrapping up a few days of shooting for my new TV project before heading back to the States. My daughter is starting Middle School (hard to believe!) so it will be great to be home as she starts school. 
I also want to give a huge thank you to all the people who came to my live show in Finland! I had a blast, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
As always, throughout this newsletter you'll find exclusive content and training tips that you won't find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy!
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Keep Your Pet Entertained While You're Away
Keep Your Pet Entertained While You're Away
Leaving your pet at home is not an easy part of any pet parent’s day. Many pet parents have full-time jobs and other obligations that keep them away from the house for extended periods of time, which is simply a part of everyday life. 
If your dog is not yet used to you being away from the house, they might start to become destructive. If this is the case, you may have to start with being away for short periods of time and work your way up to being gone for a full day. This process will take a lot of patience and some creativity on your part. The best thing you can do is make your absence a positive experience by entertaining them with the following options.
1) Puzzle Toys: There are a myriad of puzzle toys available for dogs. Each of which challenges your dog mentally. Providing them with mental stimulation while you are away is just as important as providing them with exercise.
Raising a Deaf Dog
My Puppy is Deaf. What now?
So you’ve adopted the perfect puppy, the one with a smiling, squishable face, a tail that wags at the speed of light and that intoxicating puppy breath! 
After a few days at home, Bingo is acclimating to your family and home. He is learning the rules of where to sleep, when to play and where to poop. Well, actually, at his age, he is probably learning where NOT to poop, but still, everything is going well. It feels like a dream. You've found your canine soul mate, you’re bonding quickly and his cuteness quotient is off the chart.
However, after a few days of puppyhood bliss, you start to notice little things. Things that just seem off. Not right. Different.
Why Your Opinion On BSL Doesn't Matter
Why Opinions on BSL Don't Matter
Positively Contributor and VSPDT Abigail Witthauer of Roverchase shares her thoughts on why opinions don't matter when it comes to BSL. 
Homewood Alabama City Council, just one city over from my dog training and behavior facility is having hearings on a new Dangerous Dog Ordinance with possible Breed Specific Legislation. My friends, colleagues, rescue groups, and like-minded strangers all came to the City Council meeting last Monday to show our solidarity against any breed specific language in the new proposal.
In the last several weeks countless individuals have contacted me asking for my expert opinion on breed specific legislation and dangerous dog ordinances. I am more than happy to lend my support to my friends and colleagues but, as I attended Monday night’s meeting, I was struck by one very obvious conclusion. 
Reactive Dog Rehabilitation
Rehabilitating Reactive Dog
My dog Topher is reactive. When I talk with people about our lovable, goofy, soon-to-be-3-year-old American Bulldog, I try to lead with that. Topher is a work in progress, and one I’m dedicated to sharing, because of the circumstances that created much of Topher’s reactivity.
The morning of New Year’s Eve, 2013, started like most others. When my dog Topher and I set out for our walk, it was the middle of the morning, but very few people were out. We took a well-traveled route, down towards a park at the end of our neighborhood.
Unfortunately, that was where the similarities to our other walks ended, and suddenly my dog and I were starting the new year on a very different path than we anticipated.
Make Walks Fun
What Happens To Your Dog in a Hot Car
What Happens to Your Dog in a Hot Car
Positively Contributor Steve Dale put on a faux fur coat to demonstrate what dogs experience in a hot car.   
"If it's too hot for a person, it's too hot for a dog." says, Mark Russak, past president of the American Animal Hospital Association.
Laws prohibiting animals from being left in hot cars exist only 16 states (AZ, CA, IL, ME, MD, MN, NC, NV, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, SD, VT, and WV). And even in these states, there is no law to mandate that law enforcement will take a report seriously when an animal is trapped in the car, though that is quickly changing.
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Kindness is Powerful, Pass it On
In Case You Missed It
Did you miss it? Victoria's post about a hairless dog she met in Finland stirred up lots of shares and comments.
Opinions were strong from Victoria's fans all over the world. See more on her official Facebook page.
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worth sniffing out
Inspire Respect Tee
The "Inspire Respect" tee is perfect for fall weather! This lovely women's shirt spreads the message of treating our dogs, and fellow man, with respect. 
This tee is perfect for year-round style.
Inspire Respect
Positively Training Treats
Victoria's Positively Training Treats are back in stock! These bite-size treats are the perfect size for training and made with only the highest quality ingredients. 
Grab a bag for your dog and train with the same treats that Victoria does!
Bobbie Bhambree VSPDT
Bobbie is dedicated to creating relationships between dogs and their owners based on connection and understanding. She takes into account how dogs perceive the world around them, and provides a gentler, easier way to unlock their natural kinship with humans.   
Her training addresses the full spectrum of canine behavioral issues, and provides a multitude of time tested, sustainable tools and strategies that give you the ability to nurture and grow that kinship forever. 
Need a dog behavior expert in the Manhattan, NY area? Get in touch with Bobbie today:
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Victoria Stilwell in the Media
Victoria Stilwell National Puppy Mill Organization
Victoria was recently selected as the national spokesperson for the National Puppy Mill Project, an organization founded to raise awareness and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills. The announcement was featured in an article by Steve Dale, one of the founders of the organization. 
Top Tip
The best way to stop your dog from jumping is to ignore her while she's in the act of jumping. 
Each time she jumps at you, turn your back.
Do not look at, talk to, or touch her at any time and fold your arms in front of you so that you become boring. 
When she stops jumping, wait for three seconds of four paws on the floor and reward with your attention.
If she jumps again, repeat the exercise. 
Practice with friends and family members for consistency.  
Dog Bite Prevention
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