Learn about our goals for Orientation.
Learn about our goals for Orientation.
Tufts University Undergraduate Orientation
learn more about the orientation goals
August 11, 2020
Hello Jumbos,
As excitement grows for the kick-off of Undergraduate Orientation, we're sharing information about the goals of Orientation to help you understand a bit more about what to expect during the week.

News & Announcements

Reminder: we're going live on Facebook tomorrow, August 12th:
  • 12:00 p.m. - Undergraduate Orientation: Meet members of the Orientation Team as we get excited to kick-off the program! 
    *This is a change from our original Student Affairs session.
  • 2:30 p.m. - SMFA: Meet the staff at the SMFA as they discuss the academic and co-curricular student experience on the Fenway and Medford campuses.
Join us on the Tufts Student Life Facebook page for these sessions! You can also watch them on our Facebook page afterwards and can submit questions online ahead of time.

Introducing Undergradute Orientation

Undergraduate Orientation marks the beginning of an important journey for you and your family. At the heart of your Tufts education is an opportunity to grow as an individual and member of a larger campus community. During Orientation you’ll have the chance to start making valuable connections with peers, professors, administrators, and returning students. 
Programming will be virtual with a range of synchronous and asynchronous opportunities. While undergraduate Orientation will run from September 3 - 7, 2020, there are numerous opportunities to engage in programs before we officially begin, including academic programming and social events.

What Happens During Orientation?
During Orientation, you’ll participate in a wide range of programs designed to familiarize you with campus resources, build community and connection, and establish skills for independence and responsibility. We divide our goals for Orientation into four broad categories: 
  1. Intellectual Engagement and Inquiry: New students actively engage in intellectual inquiry and exploration throughout Orientation.

  2. Meaningful Inclusion: New students examine their own identities and the impact of power and privilege through several Orientation programs. They are also given opportunities to interact thoughtfully across difference, sustain dialogue, and build an inclusive community.

  3. Community and Belonging: New students learn to create communities and meaningful relationships during Orientation that foster a sense of shared responsibility.

  4. Health and Wellness: New students learn healthy habits for physical, mental, and social well-being throughout Orientation.

Next week, we'll share more details about specific orientation programs, or tune in to our Facebook Live tomorrow to get a sneak peak! Additional information for SMFA and School of Engineering specific programs will also be shared soon.
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Tufts Global Education

We had originally planned to introduce you to Tufts Global Education. Tufts has been offering study abroad programs for over five decades, and currently offers ten undergraduate programs. While our programs are not operating for the fall 2020 semester, there are still many opportuniteis to enage with the global community from Medford. 
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