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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2021 #14
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2021 #14
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Spring 2021 #14

April 26, 2021

  • Study Tours Visit Croatia
  • Cultivating Memories

Study Tours Visit Croatia

by Hannah Sroka MUDEC student
Students have spent the last week in Zadar, Croatia, on their study tour. More information on class-specific activities will be given in next week’s newsletter, but for now, here’s a quick overview of some other activities students did!
Students kicked off the study tour with an early-morning flight to Zadar and then had lunch on the beach or in the city. After that, they were divided into three groups and embarked on a walking tour, where they learned about Zadar’s history and landmarks. Two of the most interesting were the Sea Organ and the Monument to the Sun.
The Sea Organ consists of a series of pipes underneath the boardwalk; when the waves hit the pipes, the air is pushed out of holes in the ground, which produces a noise that sounds like an organ.
The Monument to the Sun is a circular piece of glass embedded in the boardwalk. Below it are photovoltaic panels that collect energy from the sun during the day. During the night, they put on a light show that moves in time with the sounds from the sea organ.
Sea organ Monument to the sun
Part of the Sea Organ (left); The floor of the Monument to the Sun at night (right)

For three days out of the week, students were divided into three different groups to explore different national parks—the Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica National Park, and Krka National Park. This allowed students to see some of the natural beauty that Croatia has to offer. They were also accompanied by guides, who talked about topics ranging from Croatian history to old legends.
Some students also visited the Croatian War of Independence Museum in Karlovac. Here, they learned about the Croatian War, which lasted from 1991 to 1995 and resulted in Croatia gaining independence from the former Yugoslavia. Many students had been studying the war in class and found it interesting to learn about it on a much more personal level.
Students were able to enjoy fresh air at the parks. At Paklenica, they hiked up a steep incline to see beautiful views of canyons and mountains. At the Plitvice Lakes, they walked along wooden planks placed just above pools of crystal-clear water. At Krka, they ventured behind waterfalls and discovered views overlooking gorgeous lakes.
Ultimately, students have been having a great time on the study tour, as they have gotten to see some beautiful sights and learn about a country they were previously not too familiar with.

Below: Views from Paklenica National Park
Paklenica National Park View of Paklenica National Park
Piltvice Lakes Piltvice Lakes
Above: Views from the Plitvice Lakes. Below: Views from Krka National Park
Krka National Park Krka National Park

Cultivating Memories

by Megan Fogarty, MUDEC student
Prior to the students' departure for Croatia, they had a Friday full of activities! All students were scheduled for COVID PCR tests as they are required to enter Croatia. Students also took their yearbook photos this day. The students finished their day with a group meeting going over the Croatia study tour itinerary.
However, Friday was much more than just coronavirus tests and pictures. Students had the opportunity to garden with host dad and Château gardener Guy Graul for European Experience points, required for the LUX 335 class. Students trimmed trees, weeded, scraped moss off garden walls and cut invasive vines.
Students concluded the day with a group photo outside the Château and planted a tree in the name of the "COVID class." The tree is planted alongside the path leading into the Château, and a plaque will be installed to honor the MUDEC Coronavirus classes for posterity!
Château & Administrative Hours
Winter view of the Château de Differdange, where Miami's Luxembourg campus, the John E. Dolibois European Center, often abbreviated to MUDEC, is located

Château Hours

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