You need to accept your role to continue the RSO registration
You need to accept your role to continue the RSO registration

Accept your role within the RSO

You have been listed in an RSO Application (new and/or re-registering) and we noticed that you have not accepted the role.
An email was sent during the application's submission from the email address: Please search your Mason Email account for the request(s), it is important!
The RSO's registration for 2021-2022 will not be able to move to the next step until all roles have been accepted. If the role is not accepted by the due date, the application will be marked incomplete (loss of fall start-up date guarantee) and your role as officer may need to be replaced in order to move forward.
If you are a part of multiple organization applications, please make sure you accept for each organization. 
  • It is possible that duplicate applications for the same RSO have been submitted.  Please accept those you can confirm and we will work with the incoming President to determine which application is to be considered for registration as we work through that issue.

Sample Email:

The email will list the Group Name, your name, your role, and any other role expectations.
Make sure you click on the ACCEPT/DENY Button in the email. 

Sample Subject Line: Group Approval: Please accept your Officer position for (RSO Name) group
Sample Officer Email
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