Learn about the new Joyce Cummings Center and prepare for Fall registration
Learn about the new Joyce Cummings Center and prepare for Fall registration
Tufts Student Life
March 18, 2022
Dear Parents and Families,
We hope you and your students enjoy the upcoming spring break. In this issue, we introduce you to the new Joyce Cummings Center.
Tour of Joyce Cummings Center

Introducing Joyce Cummings Center

Joyce Cummings Center is now open at the intersection of Boston and College Avenues. "It's really a new gateway because it's right at the new Medford/Tufts T station," said Ruth Bennett, who is currently senior director of capital programs and was project manager for Cummings Center. The building is located between Halligan Hall and the forthcoming transit station connecting Medford to Boston. The station is expected to open in late summer.
"One of the vibrant and exciting design features about Cummings Center is the openness; there are connecting stairs between floors three and four and floors five and six. It's a very open and inviting building," Bennett said.
Those open staircases create two-story study spaces that have large whiteboards and seating for 30 or 40. Additionally, there are both enclosed and open areas that seat up to six or eight and seating by the vast windows on three sides of the building. "It has expansive views of the Hill and of most of our athletic fields. The view reaches all the way to the Boston skyline," said Bennett.
Additionally, there are three large classrooms that can open up to form one larger space, three medium-sized classrooms, one auditorium, six computer teaching labs, and five seminar rooms. A Starbucks will be opening in the building in May.
The building has proven popular with students so far. "I really enjoy having one of my classes there. I especially love sitting on the sixth floor (when you can find a table) and being able to look out on the skyline while doing work!" said Lily McIntyre, a senior majoring in psychology, child study and human development, and entrepreneurship.
Cummings Center was constructed with sustainability in mind. "We've managed the entire design, construction, and operations of the building to have very low energy costs and low greenhouse gas emissions, and it will have solar panels on the roof," said Bennett.
Faculty began moving into Cummings Center in November, and the building opened in January for Spring 2022 classes. The new occupants include the economics, mathematics, and computer science departments; Data Intensive Studies Center (DISC); Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences (CABCS); Tufts Gordon Institute (including the Derby Entrepreneurship Center); the Tufts Institute for Artificial Intelligence; and The Fletcher School's executive education program and Center for International Environment and Resource Policy.

Career Corner: Conversations with the Tufts Career Center

Focus on Interviewing

As we often tell students, interviewing is a skillthe more you practice, the better you'll do! Whether it's an internship, job, or grad/professional school interview, we help students prepare for these conversations in 1-on-1 mock interviews, giving them opportunities to talk through answers to challenging questions and providing them with immediate feedback.
We're also excited to offer an online training system, Big Interview, which students can use 24/7 to access these tools (and more):
  • Challenging virtual mock interviews for all experience levels
  • A database of thousands of interview questions, including a variety of industries and graduate/professional school questions, along with tips on how to answer them
  • A step-by-step interview answer builder for crafting answers to behavioral questions

What's Happening Academically?

Mid-Semester Reviews and Preparing for Registration

We are halfway through the spring semester and students are immersed in their classes. Each semester, we encourage students to take time to review overall requirements for graduation and to review their transcript by logging into SIS to confirm everything is correct. The Bulletin and
the Academic Advising web page are good resources for students to clarify the general requirements for their undergraduate degree and academic policies. Any questions students have about requirements or policies can be addressed by a member of their Advising Team.
The Advising Period for Fall 2022 registration is March 28–April 18. Registration dates can be found on the academic calendar. To prepare for registration, students should:
  • schedule an appointment with their advisor
  • review their degree audit and Tufts unofficial transcript
  • look up their registration time in SIS at the start of the advising period
  • confirm they have no additional registration holds
  • fill their shopping cart with courses and multiple back-up options
  • validate their cart to confirm they meet course requirements

Managing Illness-Related Absences and Missed Exams

If your student is ill on the day of an exam, they should stay home if the class is in person. Students should refer to their syllabus for the missed exam policy and contact the instructor in advance of the exam. Due to COVID precautions, Health Service cannot see students on a walk-in basis and does not provide medical excuse notes for illness on the day of an exam. Students with documentation from an outside provider should submit an Illness Report in SIS and contact their instructors and Advising Dean about next steps.

There's Still Time to Register for Summer Courses!

There is still time for your student to catch up on credits or take a challenging class outside the pressure of the regular school year this summer. Many summer courses at Tufts offer flexible schedules, as well as hybrid and virtual campus options for students. To view our summer schedules, visit go.tufts.edu/SummerAtTufts and have your student enroll today!

Dates to Remember

March 19 – Spring recess begins; classes suspended (residence halls remain open, but students must register to stay)
March 28 – Advising period begins
March 28 – Spring recess ends; classes resume
April 6 – Last day for undergraduate AS&E students to WITHDRAW from courses and receive a grade of W
April 6 – Last day for undergraduates to select PASS/FAIL option
April 6 – Make-up day (no classes held)
April 18 – Patriots' Day observed (University holiday) no classes
April 19 – Fall 2022 registration for graduate and postbac students
April 20 – Fall 2022 registration for all engineers, BFA, SMFA, and NEC combined-degree students
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2022 Senior Memory Book

Class of 2022 parents and families: order your copy of the 2022 Senior Memory Book now. The book will include 64 color pages in a coffee table book format celebrating the Tufts Class of 2022. The book will include the traditional senior portrait section and other campus and community highlights from this special year. Books will be completed following commencement weekend and will be mailed to the addresses provided during the ordering process in mid- to late July 2022.
Medford Campus in the summer

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