Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
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This week's theme is water. Water is a very important topic here in the Sonoran Desert. This week, discover the wonder of monsoon season, and the desert critters who come out to celebrate rain. Then learn how to measure and conserve water (with water-saving tips you can use at home), and explore ways to have fun with water in the science experiments and activities below. 
It’s monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert, and a great time to go in search of frogs and tadpoles in puddles, near washes, and throughout the desert. Track your discoveries with this nature journal. To learn more about frogs, toads, and amphibians, watch How a Frog Becomes a Frog, and learn about survival, adaptation, and fun facts in Amphibians.
In this episode of Cyberchase, Pearl and the cybersquad observe a leaky faucet and see how a large amount of water can be wasted over a short time.
In this activity, learn water-saving tips, then create a plan to conserve water by making small changes at home. This plan is available in English and Spanish.
With this simple project, create "glowing water" by adding the contents of a non-toxic highlighter to water. This project is a great way to learn about bioluminescence in nature.
Explore a mangrove swamp. Earn points in this photo safari game by taking pictures of specific plants and animals.
Is it possible to transport water from one cup to another using only string? Find out in this experiment from Zoom! 
One of the most fundamental and easiest ways to start building social skills and empathy is through books. Early Childhood educator Brittany Smith shares her list of 18 children's books that promote conversations about diversity and inclusion.
Friday from 7pm to 9pm  
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum follows the adventures of Xavier, Yadina, and Brad as they tackle everyday problems by doing something extraordinary: traveling back in time to learn from real-life inspirational figures when they were kids.
Come along with Xavier Riddle, the most effusive pint-sized history adventurer; Yadina, his effervescent little sister; and his brilliant best friend Brad, as they unravel the secrets of world famous heroes from history
Here are some printables and activities to make Family Movie Night even more fun.
Tuesday August 18th at 12pm
The summer rains bring animals out! Toads call, snakes slither, and insects buzz in response to the monsoon magic. Sing and dance along to a monsoon-themed song as we learn about toads and other critters who come out to celebrate summer rains in the Sonoran Desert!
Explore absorption and color mixing with this colorful tie dye activity. Then create some cool art on a hot day with this easy-to-make frozen chalk paint and explore how liquids and solids combine in this recipe for Oobleck.  
Our Summer Adventure Club Bingo Cards are your guide to all things PBS KIDS, with a few local Tucson highlights sprinked in. 
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