SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
Physicians urge steps against flu to avoid worsening load on health system (features MAG President Andrew Reisman, M.D.)
The Times
As flu season approaches, local physicians are encouraging patients to get vaccinated to prevent hospitalizations and severe cases of flu interacting with COVID-19. READ MORE
Scarcity of key material squeezes medical mask manufacturing
Associated Press
Manufacturers say they risk significant losses if they invest millions in machinery, raw materials, new employees and factory space to churn out a product projected to have a short-lived demand, without assurances that the government will continue to buy their meltblown textile after the need for N95s recedes post-pandemic. | READ MORE
AMA approves two new CPT codes to support response to COVID-19
HIT Consultant
The American Medical Association published an update to the Current Procedural Terminology code set that includes two code additions for reporting medical services sparked by the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. | READ MORE
In responding to coronavirus, some Georgia colleges don't make the grade
GPB News
While some schools do extensive testing of students and publish detailed information about rates of infection, others do not conduct tests and share little or no information about self-reported coronavirus cases. | READ MORE
COVID figures spike at UGA again as 1,400 students infected
Georgia Health News
The University of Georgia saw a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases for the second week in a row. The college said Wednesday that 1,417 positive tests were reported through the University’s DawgCheck reporting system for the period of August 31-September 4. | READ MORE
AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine trial has been stopped after an illness
USA Today
The hold AstraZeneca placed Tuesday on its COVID-19 vaccine trials is the first major setback in pursuit of a vaccine against a disease that has now killed 190,000 in the U.S. and nearly 900,000 worldwide. | READ MORE
Bold hopes for virus antibody tests still unfulfilled
Associated Press
Scientists are still working to figure out how well antibodies for the coronavirus may shield someone from another infection, or how long that protection might last. | READ MORE
Doctors studying why obesity may be tied to serious COVID-19
Associated Press
In the early days of the pandemic, doctors noticed something about the people severely ill from COVID-19: Many were obese. The link became more apparent as coronavirus swept across the globe and data mounted, and researchers are still trying to figure out why. | READ MORE
How to help medical students keep tabs on their mental health
AMA Wire
The ongoing pandemic is putting a spotlight on mental health as depression and anxiety continues to affect millions of Americans. But even before COVID-19, concern about the well-being of medical students was on the rise. | READ MORE
Differentiating COVID-19 vs. flu symptoms in children
MedPage Today
Children admitted to Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C., for COVID-19 had no higher chance of serious complications than children admitted with seasonal influenza, according to a retrospective study. | READ MORE
When kids struggle with wearing masks, here’s how doctors can help
AMA Wire
Saying a child should wear a mask and actually having them wear one consistently and correctly, though, can be two very different things. So, what can physicians say to parents about how to help children keep their masks on? | READ MORE
This might be your most important flu shot ever
CNN Health
With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading rapidly around the globe, distributing the flu vaccine takes on new urgency, according to medical experts. | READ MORE
Big drop reported in vaping by U.S. teenagers
Associated Press
Vaping by U.S. teenagers fell dramatically this year, especially among middle schoolers, according to a federal report released Wednesday. | READ MORE
How common is burnout among physicians? It depends on how it’s defined
There’s a vast body of research showing that physicians and other health care professionals experience high rates of burnout, their roles leaving them exhausted, overworked, or detached. But a new study makes the case that it’s difficult to capture how common burnout actually is because how it’s defined varies so widely. | READ MORE
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