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Although it was rainy off and on all day, the lightening stayed away and the race was run.  The weather did affect turn out but not as badly as we feared. There were over 200 participants and many brought friends and family so the mood was festive and best of all, we raised more than $16,000!  
The runners weren't the only winners at the Sizzler.  Miss Priss found her forever family while being showcased at the event.  This little Pomeranian/LH Chihuahua won the hearts of an entire family and they just could not leave without her.
We want to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers and participants as well as Tate's Hell Track Team for making this event possible and for ensuring it's success.  Thank you!
Kuranda beds are beds made for dogs and they are perfect for dogs having to spend time in a shelter.  We had old, make-shift beds that kept our dogs off the floor but not much else.  We had to use a lot of bedding to make them warm and comfortable and that added to our already heavy work load.  Washing and drying 6 loads of wash a day is time consuming, tough on our washer and dryer and electric bill.
We have known about Kuranda beds but our budget couldn't handle the purchase of beds that cost between $60.00-$70.00 a piece.  We happened to look on Kuranda's web site last month and they were promoting bed drives for shelters. What a great idea!  We posted our need for 20 beds on our face book page and were amazed and thrilled by the generous support of people all over. We received 28 large and x-large beds, more than enough for our inside runs and many of our outdoor pens.  
Volunteers Mariah Verrette and Hunter Segree (pictured above) spent hours assembling all 28 beds but seeing the dogs sleeping comfortably on their brand new Kuranda beds made every turn of the screw worth it. 
Thank you to everyone who donated.  We appreciate your generosity and your love of our pets.  So do our dogs!
We will be participating in the twice monthly Apalachicola Farmers Market beginning Saturday, August 22nd.  The market is located at the Mill Pond Pavilion, 479 Market St and is open from 9:00-1:00.  We will be there with pets available for adoption, low cost spay/neuter vouchers, t-shirts, caps and information on how you can get involved.  See you there!
Red is a Bloodhound that was brought to us as a stray in the condition you see in the picture above.  He was emaciated, suffering from severe mange and skin infection, anemic, heartworm positive, full of intestinal parasites and ear mites.  Our hearts broke when we saw the condition he was in but we were hopeful we could help him.  
We treated his skin, got rid of his intestinal parasites and ear mites, fed him a nutritious meal three times a day and gave him plenty of much needed vitamins with a heaping helping of love.   He responded better than we could have hoped for and within only a week  his energy level had vastly improved, he was gaining weight and his fur was growing in.
Red has done so well, so quickly that he is scheduled to be neutered next week and then the final treatment; heartworm treatment.  We will wait for several more weeks before treating him so that he can complete his pretreatment medication and be in the best possible condition.
FCHS is committed to trying to save every animal that comes through our doors.  There are of course instances where that can't be done but in cases like Red, when we know he just needs time, medication and treatment, we can help.
In order to pay for medical care for our special needs pets, we depend on your donation.  We have a separate "Second Chance Fund" that you can contribute to to help us offer the special care some pets require. All you you have to do is go to our web site;, click on "help" and then click on the pay pal icon.  Please email us at and alert us to your donation to the Second Chance Fund.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.
You may remember the story about Tate we wrote  back in March.  He was the little dog running around HWY 65 that Animal Control had to set a trap to catch and the people from New Orleans who had seen him came back to get.  If you recall, and as the picture above demonstrates, he was in terrible condition.  Skin disease, heartworms, intestinal parasites and terribly deformed legs due to malnutrition.
We have stayed in contact with Tate's adopters and their latest update was great.  Tate's mange and skin infection are finally gone, he has been treated for heartworms, and he is scheduled to be fitted for orthopedic braces for his front legs although believe it or not, he runs like the wind!
He has two siblings whom he loves and loves to harass.  Sophie-Doberman and Davinici-Pit bull.  When he's not playing with his siblings he is laying in the sun, enjoying treats or receiving lots of snuggles.
What a transformation this little dog from Tate's Hell has gone through.  His story is truly miraculous and just as the story in March said: "There are angels among us".
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