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A Conversation with Experts about Our Homelessness Crisis
A Conversation with Experts about Our Homelessness Crisis
Daniel Lurie, CEO + Founder of Tipping Point; Del Seymour, Founder of Code Tenderloin; Tomiquia Moss, CEO of Hamilton Families; Dr. Margot Kushel, Director of UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations; Amber Twitchell, Associate Director of On the Move; and Brian Blalock, Director of Law + Policy at Tipping Point

5 Facts about Homelessness + Solutions to the Crisis

Homelessness. It's an issue that’s top of mind for all of us in the Bay Area. Last month, we hosted a community event to bring together experts in the field to discuss solutions. While on the surface, it may feel like an unsolvable challenge, the discussion that night proved the opposite. Read the full story to learn 5 facts you may not have known about homelessness and solutions that are already underway.

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How the Tech Community Gives Assistance to Those Most in Need

Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky reports on Tipping Point’s 12th Annual Awards Breakfast. “Giving voice, comfort, shelter, and encouragement to those in need takes money… Tipping Point has an impressive track record of putting that money to good use.”
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