The next Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop Telecourses begin this month!
The next Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop Telecourses begin this month!
Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction Speaker, Author, Coach

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Dear Dolphins,
“If I wanted to become a tramp, I would seek information and advice from the most successful tramp I could find. If I wanted to become a failure, I would seek advice from people who have never succeeded. If I wanted to succeed in all things, I would look around me for those who are succeeding, and do as they have done.”—Joseph Marshall Wade
I just got my 131st review of “The Wealthy Spirit” on amazon! Here’s what it said:
Wah. I was a little disappointed of course – we all like to have good reviews. But it made me sad for the man who wrote it, because I suspect he must have trouble valuing himself and asking for what he is worth.
I had trouble with that concept myself. But I knew that people grow in skills and experience and then become more valuable to their clients or employers. After all, you don’t pay the same salary to the new hire as you do to the 20-year veteran.
But is it greedy to ask for more money?
When I raised the price of my telecourse from $2,500 to $3,500, a friend commented that it was a big percentage increase. I told her it wasn’t a percentage increase – it was a VALUE increase. I could see the value that my clients received and my expertise in helping them attain better jobs, higher pay, more clients, the house, car, vacations, and life they wanted made my price worth it.
When you are in your own business, you don't have anyone to tell you that you deserve and are getting a raise. You have to give yourself a promotion to a new level. Set a goal for yourself of the amount of money you want to earn. Prepare a budget that includes everything you want – the kind of house you want to live in, the car you want to drive, lifestyle you want to live, vacations, travel, dinners out, and plan adequately for taxes, retirement savings, etc.
A friend of mine told me the story of how she once asked for only $2,500 for a salary. It was only later that she discovered that $2,500 didn’t even cover her expenses. She said when she realized that she tried to renegotiate, but by then she said the man had lost all respect for her.
One of my clients in my Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop was a smart, charismatic woman who had also developed an 8-week workshop business helping people with relationships.
One evening in around the third or fourth class, she was complaining about how she was unhappy with her income and wanted to make more money. She was charging $400 and wanted to charge $800.
I suggested that, for the next week, she ask for $800 from all her prospective clients. She did, and was completely shocked that three people signed up at that price! She couldn’t believe it, but I reminded her that I was charging even more than that, and she had paid it.
“Yes,” she said, “but you’re teaching people about money.”
“Yes, and perhaps finding the man of your dreams, having the perfect father for your children, living with the person you love for the rest of your life who treasures you and treats you like a queen, is worth a lot, too,” I countered. 
That shifted her thinking right away.
What comparisons are you making that keep you from charging the money you want?
Every business owner needs to pick two important numbers in their business:
  1. How many people do you want to serve each month?
  2. How much money do you plan to charge them? 
Multiply these two numbers and see if it gives you enough money to pay your bills comfortably, save for the future, pay off your debts, buy a house, go on vacation, and live the life you desire.
If not, you have to pick a higher number!
It sounds simple enough. Just pick a higher number and ask for it, right?  But I know it’s hard to get the courage to ask for the money you want alone in a vacuum, with all of society’s pressures surrounding you, and your old habits of not asking keeping you locked in to a financial reality that is less than you deserve.
Here’s a story about that from “The Wealthy Spirit”:
Jeff, a music producer enrolled in my workshop, was working on pricing his services. He had a strong feeling that he was undercharging his clients, and that he could improve his profitability significantly by raising his rates. I asked him what amount of money felt right to him when he said, “I charge ____ dollars per hour.”
We tried out a couple of different figures, but $75 per hour was what his gut feeling told him was appropriate. This was significantly more money than he was currently charging, and he was nervous about asking for it.
Afraid of losing business if his price was too high, he needed to do market research in order to find out what other people in his business were charging for the same services. He came back to class the next week and said that based on his research, $75 was too high, and he should only charge $50 per hour. He seemed resigned about it, not as excited and happy as he had been about $75 per hour.
This didn’t feel right to me. I asked him who he had contacted about pricing—was he talking to people who owned successful recording studios or people who were struggling? I saw a wave of understanding wash over his face as he thought back to the people he had talked to—they were all people he knew who were struggling!
He determined right then that $75 was his price.
When you want to succeed, you have to ask for advice from people who are successful. If you ask people who are struggling, you will get lists of reasons why you can’t succeed or why it’s hard. Collect role models and learn from the stories of people who have made it where you want to go. How did they do it? What were the common themes as they climbed up the ladder of success? What did they do that made them different from the crowd? If you want to go where they went, you’ve got to do what they did to get there.
The next week, Jeff brought to class a contract he signed with Quincy Jones.
Whose advice would you like to take today?
Today’s Affirmation: 
“I am successful and earning more and more money every day!”
Would you like to get raises as well as praises?
One of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business is to take the Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclass. As the past owner of a bookkeeping service with 13 employees and half a million in sales for 12 years, I saw first-hand the problems people had with money. I invented the 8-week program in 1990 have been coaching people to achieve their financial dreams ever since.
Financial Stress Reduction® – an 8-week Teleclass
Designed to Change Your Money and Change Your Life!
If you are ready to do the work to make your life extraordinary, if you would like stop worrying, love your money, and put the “fun” back in “funds” - join me in the next Financial Stress Reduction® teleclass!
You can learn how to:
  • Have Faith in Your Ability to Create a Consistent Income!
  • Develop the Formula to Make it Happen!
  • Overcome the Obstacles That Get In Your Way!
  • Live the Rich Life of Your Dreams Now and put the “Fun” back in “Funds”!
Here’s how it works:
My teleclasses are very different from most – they aren’t about information, but transformation. Therefore:
  • I don’t have hundreds of people on the line – just 6-8 so everyone gets to share, ask questions, and receive personal attention
  • I don’t play a recording and just show up for questions during the last 15 minutes. Every minute of every session is delivered live by me personally.
  • Every participant gets private access to and personal coaching from me throughout the course.
  • You take the entire course and get all the materials with satisfaction guaranteed at the end of it or you get a complete refund.
Think about it - how could you lose??!
The Fall Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses start this month!
8 Mondays October 23 – December 11 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
8 Wednesdays October 25 – December 13 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Or just call me today at 310-476-1622 – I’d be delighted to find out more about you and see how I might help you make all your money dreams come true!
Like this:
“I had amazing results.”
"Chellie is the real deal.  I took her class a few years back and had amazing results.  My mindset and business improved drastically.  If you even have an inkling it’s time to work with Chellie, do it!  You’ll be happy you did!!”  JuliAnn Stitick, Speaker, Author, Personal Brand Strategist, 818-653-2101
“Thank you for the magic and miracles…”
 “Chellie. there are not enough words to express my gratitude for what your course has done for me. You have transformed my life in so many ways with more peace and understanding around money. This peace and understanding has bought more harmony in my marriage and more business opportunities. The 'walls of lack and delay have finally come crumbling down' thanks to all those wonderful affirmations. I have finally given up on people pleasing because they are 'not my people!' Thank you for the magic and miracles you have bought to my life. Love you to bits xxooo”—Tanya Pluckrose, Customer Service Demystified,, 310-779-9277
“You will have completely transformed…”
Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop is life-transforming. The workshop is not only about making more money -- it's about learning how to live your life in a way that will bring you more of everything you want. At the beginning of the workshop you tell Chellie what you want your life to look like and her role is to stand in that possibility for you at all times, so that whenever you are struggling she can remind you of what you want, show you how to get out of your own way, and help you return to a more empowered state of being. It really is such a privilege to work with someone at Chellie’s level of experience and expertise. At the very least you will be “better off financially” after the course, but at the very best you will have completely transformed your quality of life to where you can easily reach your life goals, make more money, and truly enjoy your time here swimming with dolphins!—Jaime Geffner, Online Video Producer,
“3 clients signed up for a total of $48,000…”
“Chellie’s affirmations are a magic wand for my business. I have found, over and over again, that when my money and client flow starts to slow down, it is precisely when I have let Chellie’s affirmations slip away from my morning routine. The great thing is that since they work quite magically, all I have to do bring them back in. In one instance, within eight days of bringing back Chellie’s affirmations, 3 clients signed up for a total of $48,000 worth of services. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chellie!”—Sakada,, 310-371-3789
“Right in the middle of the course, all of a sudden I started making an income that I could support myself on.”
“Before I attended Chellie’s course, I had a craft but no income.  Right in the middle of the course, all of a sudden I started making an income that I could support myself on.  It works like magic if you do the homework.  I still carry around my affirmations and read in her book every day.  As I read, I hear her voice reminding me of truths not things I formerly believed.  If you are financially stressed in any way, get yourself signed up for a delightful ride and a paradigm shifting experience.”—Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, Creator of the Diamond Healing Method, 310-692-4036,
Join our next fabulous group of people committed to living a rich life—inside and out. You can begin now to accomplish your goals in just 8 weeks. The course promises results—not just information—many people have doubled and tripled their income in this workshop!

Business Opportunity:
Now you can become a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach!
I’ve been teaching this 8-week workshop for 27 years and I love every minute of it! Now I am licensing others to use my name, books, materials, systems and branding – it’s a complete business-in-a-box with everything you need to be successful. If you love teaching, helping others succeed, and would like to make a six-figure income doing it, this program is for you! Click here for more info!
*If you take the Financial Stress Reduction® telecourse and within one year decide to become a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach, your entire course fee will be applied to the cost of the certification program.
Here’s to your fabulous success!

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