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Beer & Wine Newsletter, May 2014
Beer & Wine Newsletter, May 2014
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May 2014
Hop Valley Brewing Company
What's New
Spring is finally here, and we've got some new beer and wine suggestions to celebrate:
  • We now have Hop Valley Brewing IPA and lager cans and a rotating selection of hoppy bombers. Coming to us from Eugene, OR, these beers have quickly become popular across the country since the brewery opened in 2009.

  • Rosé season is upon us, right on time for once! New ones are arriving every week, but keep an eye out for Chateau Grande Cassagne Costières de Nîmes Rosé and Domaine Sainte-Eugenie Corbières Rosé.

  • For all you gluten-free beer drinkers out there, here's some exciting news: Glutenberg has created a gluten-free IPA that comes in a 4 pack of 16 oz. cans!
Chateau Maris
Staff Favorites
It's always hard to pick a favorite, but here are some of ours looking forward into summer, with an emphasis on "wild":
  • Chateau Maris' Old School Rouge and Minervois-La-Livinière Syrah: This winery is focused on sustainability, meaning they take a holistic approach to winemaking.  They use biodynamic practices both in their vineyards and in their winery, they built their winery out of biodegradable hemp lime bricks and certified sustainable wood, and the wines are made solely with natural yeast found in their vineyard.

  • Wild Beer Company Bliss: This brewery (located in the UK) uses wild yeast, which imparts a specific terroir to their beers.  The brewery is located in a 120 year old dairy farm, and the orchards and pasture surrounding the farm offer an extensive amount of wild yeast for the brewers to harness.  Keep an eye out because we plan to bring in additional varieties from this brewery soon! 
Otter Creek Brewing Company
Flying Off the Shelves
We can't stop these items from growing wings and flying off our shelves, and the theme continues to be all about cans:
  • Otter Creek Brewing Fresh Slice cans. This is a White IPA made with Belgian yeast, American hops, and citrus.

  • Long Trail Brewing Company IPA cans. All the benefits of their IPA bottles, in a can!

  • Woodchuck Hard Cider Summer Cider cans. The Summer Cider is one of Woodchuck's seasonal releases, and this year, they've released a version of it in cans.
Questions Answered
You've got questions, we've got answers! 
A new trend you might have noticed in wine is an emphasis on "natural wine."  But what does that mean?
"Natural wine" doesn't have a legal definition, however, it is primarily used to distinguish wines that go beyond organic.  Organic wine is typically "made from organically-grown grapes, but may be subject to chemical or physical manipulation during the winemaking."  Natural wines, in contrast, generally use hand-picked, organically or biodynamically-grown grapes from dry-farmed vineyards.  The wines typically have no added sugar, additives, sulfites, or foreign yeasts or bacteria and are not adjusted for acidity. Lastly, natural wines tend to only be minimally filtered, or not filtered at all, and are not heavily manipulated.  Here's wine writer, Alice Feiring's, view on this somewhat fuzzy topic.
Chateau Maris wines (mentioned above) are a great example of natural wines, as are wines from Bonterra, which we recently started stocking.  We'll continue to bring in more natural, organic, and sustainable wines as this trend grows.  Natural, organic, and sustainable wines seem to vary in the amount of information included on bottle labels, so if you have questions about these types of wines, our Beer and Wine staff are a knowledgeable resource.
*Please note: some of the beer and wine varieties we discuss above have rotating selections or limited supplies. If you can't find something you are looking for, it may be out of stock.  If you have questions, please ask for assistance.
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