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Dear Streetside Stories Family,
I’m writing to you today with very exciting news: Streetside Stories is officially becoming part of the Performing Arts Workshop family. For many years, Streetside Stories and Performing Arts Workshop have shared a commitment to providing equitable access to the arts for all youth. We’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the work, cooperatively exploring best practices, collaborating on projects, and sharing our professional development opportunities. Over the past year, we’ve been looking at how we can jointly have the most impact with our precious resources by maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. In late June, both of our boards of directors unanimously voted to have Streetside Stories become a program of Performing Arts Workshop.  

We could not be in better hands: over its 53 years in operation, the Workshop has built a stellar reputation as a groundbreaking arts education organization with an ethical and transparent management style. The deep appreciation and respect they have for youth is palpable, and can be seen in the high expectations they hold for their students and the quality controls they have built into every level of their organizational functioning, from program to fiscal management.

We have recently closed our office; our program staff and teaching artists have moved to Performing Arts Workshop and are integrating into their organization. In the coming year, Performing Arts Workshop will be moving into the historic and gorgeously renovated Geneva Powerhouse where the community can enjoy and participate in all the amazing media, literary, and performing arts programs being offered.

Performing Arts Workshop will continue all of Streetside’s existing programs. Emily Garvie, Executive Director of Performing Arts Workshop, will continue to guide and lead the way with amazing energy, commitment and grace. Three Streetside Stories board members are joining the Board of Directors of Performing Arts Workshop. Our esteemed program staff, Van Nguyen-Stone and Caira Ortiz, and teaching artists will continue to deliver the impactful programs that you know and love.  

We are excited about the future, and we urge you to continue your vital support of our programs at Performing Arts Workshop. We could not have survived over the last 29 years without your loyal support and contributions.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in pursuit of our common goals and vision.

If you have any questions about the acquisition of Streetside Stories by Performing Arts Workshop, please contact Neela Gentile via or cell 415.279.6864.  We would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Rick Oculto
Board President
Streetside Stories

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