July 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
July 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
Mentoring The Next Generation of Female Golfers
WATCH: The volunteer leaders at Mass Golf are working hard to bridge the generational gap in the game by providing on-course mentorship opportunities for young women through golf in partnership with First Tee Massachusetts.
Beat The Heat With These 6 Items
READ: 6 items to pack in your bag that will help you beat the heat during these hot summer months out on the course.
FootJoy Fall Apparel
FootJoy: In Part 2 of the Summer and Fall apparel preview we cover bottoms and layering. Plus, Cat picks her favorite item from the collection!
It's time to get schooled on the Rules of Golf, Course Rating and Slope, World Handicap System, and lots of other information you may need to retain.
Rules of Golf
READ: Christine Veator, Rules Official and Board Member for Mass Golf, goes through the difference between Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions.
Make the time to work on your physical fitness and to feed your mind. You deserve it and there are plenty of studies that show that you need it.
WATCH: Kathy Ekdahl demonstrates a four-exercise circuit you can add to your fitness regimen.
Jenna's Chickpea Brownies
TRY: Indulge a little with this unique twist on a brownie recipe.
Titleist Golf Tips
WATCH: Titleist Staff Member Trillium Rose provides us with some tips on how to properly approach a fairway bunker shot in terms of club choice, setup, and swing thoughts.
100 Hole Hike and Team Mass Golf
GIVE BACK: Think you can play 100 holes of golf in one day? Join Team Mass Golf and raise money for Youth on Course this fall!
Naomi's Post of the Month
READ: Check out Naomi's Post of the Month with topics ranging from goal setting to the female golf experience and so much more.

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